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T-Mobile Enterprise Small Cells System for 250k - 500k sq. ft.

T-Mobile Enterprise Small Cells System Design and Installation.

T-Mobile Small Cell System

T-Mobile Enterprise Small Cells System Design and Installation Service.

Certified service with required approvals from T-Mobile.

  1. Site Survey.
  2. Enterprise Small Cells System Design.
  3. Equipment Installation & Connectivity.
  4. Testing T-Mobile Small Cell Deployment.
  5. Project Management.
  6. Monitoring & Maintenance.

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T-Mobile Small Cell System Installation Design

Site Survey.

Before we start with designing and installing,’s RF engineering team will do a thorough, professional site survey. The team visits the site and makes use of professional equipment to define precise requirements. This will help us make sure that we can deliver world class cellular coverage and capacity.

A site survey normally includes:

  • Dominant Server and Ambient Signal Strength Analysis.
  • Marking up of Floor Plans.
  • Test Results for Transmitters (only if needed).
  • Detailed Spectrum Snapshots for all wireless service providers.
  • Requirements for relevant Safety and Building Codes.

T-Mobile Small Cell System Design.

Small cell solutions are used to provide network densification that adds capacity by distributing traffic away from the macro network. As a T-Mobile Small Cell vendor, we will use some of the numerous small cell technologies in a suitable configuration to provide you with a tailor-made solution to meet your unique requirements.

T-Mobile Small Cell Installation & Connectivity.

As part of's installation and connectivity services, we will survey, design, install and maintain the system by licensed installers and technicians. Customers can easily meet their unique requirements by choosing any combination of our services. We always provide professional engineering expertise by a licensed installer, in addition to strong project management, and comprehensive documentation.

Our typically Installation Service includes:

  • Verification of Cable Integrity.
  • Customer Safety Requirement Documentation.
  • Building Code Documentation.
  • Nationwide Services.
  • Documentation for Installation.
  • Field Construction Management​.
  • Maintenance of In-Building Systems.
  • System Acceptance Testing and Verification.

Project Management.

Our project management team members are professional, have PMP certification and have many years of experience in installing in-building wireless telecoms. They will do whatever it takes to deliver the project in budget and on time.

The team constantly communicates with customers to make sure their wireless needs are fully catered for. We pride ourselves in consistent system delivery and all loose ends are properly tied up by using detailed project close-out checklists. also applies the Project Management Institute's (PMI) PMBOK methodology to ensure that all work is executed professionally. This body of project management knowledge is used internationally by project teams of all disciplines.

Monitoring & Maintenance.

All our customers have access to round the clock T-Mobile Small Cell DAS monitoring. A wireless network router is used to monitor all SNMP messages. As part of the service, we supply the wireless network router.

A support team member will remotely access the T-Mobile DAS Small Cell System when a problem is identified and check system alarms, identify the fault and remotely repair the fault. If the problem can’t be fixed from our offices, a technician is sent to do repairs on site.

Our support team is trained to repair T-Mobile Small Cell DAS System issues efficiently and quickly. Our support plans have various options for hardware spares to permit system repairs to be done efficiently and seamlessly.

We will do all we can to prevent system failures, as this means a high level of system uptime and improved productivity in your company. A detailed assessment report and preventive maintenance routine is also provided annually.


Get a free, no-obligation estimate for expert signal enhancing system design and professional installation of T-Mobile Small Cell signal enhancement system. Excellent for any size non-profit governmental or for-profit private company commercial / business property. Enjoy a turn-key start to finish design, installation, and maintenance service by industry leading experienced team covering a nationwide footprint in USA & internationally across Canada.