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Videotron Cell Phone Signal Boosters.

Videotron Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Videotron

  • Works for all Videotron phones, tablets, and cellular devices.
  • Enjoy strong cell reception at home, work or car.
  • Internet service not required for using signal amplifier.
  • One-time booster kit purchase, no monthly fees nor contracts.
  • Free trial - Money back guarantee.

Videotron 3G & 4G Frequencies.

3G Frequencies 4G Frequencies
1700/ 2100 MHz AWS 1, Band 4 (UMTS). 700 MHz Lower A/B/C, Band 12/17 (LTE).
1700/2100 MHz AWS 1, Band 4 (LTE).
2600 MHz IMT-E, Band 7 (LTE).

All of the following mobile signal amplifiers are IC certified (Industry Canada Certified) and tested to improve wireless reception in homes or buildings, cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), etc. on Videotron mobile network. Try one risk-free to see how much it helps you to minimize dropped calls, missed calls, stuck/late text messages, and slow mobile internet due to weak cellular reception. As long as there's some minimal cellular signal outside the home/building or vehicle, you will definitely experience remarkable cell signal amplification inside.