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Was SureCall Involved in the FCC Cell Phone Signal Booster Decision?

Yes, Surecall has been very involved regarding FCC regulations and issues as related to cell phone signal boosters. It has been working closely with both FCC Agency as well as the cellular service Carriers for year up until the regulations were passed. As such, SureCall has become quite familiar with the challenges and issues which have been presented to the cell phone signal booster industry and to their regulating agency over the years.

Specifically, abundance of devices which have posed threats to the frequencies and to the towers had been a priority prior to the FCC decision. SureCall was very inviolved in the whole booster statement by the FCC, and as a result, is very familiar with every detail of the ruling. Because SureCall has been such an innovative force in boosting products industry, they are well-positioned to take advantage of all the new challenges.

As SureCall was a strong participant in the decision, the challenges which other industries may face are minimized (as the company did help to formulate some of those challenges). Through the participation in the FCC decision, it was SureCall's hope to ensure that its top quality products which are compatible with all the major carriers be provided to the public while the dangerous and non-regulated boosters get eliminated from the market.

This has helped the reputation of cell phone booster manufacturers because there have not been substantial instances of serious damage to cell towers since "certified" cell phone signal boosters have been used extensively by general public in United States and Canada.