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Westell Public Safety BDA Model 510 & 610 Series Specifications

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If no PDF viewing solution is available, please visit Westell 610 Public Safety Signal Booster product listing page for more details. If you're not certified to install this signal booster kit, or simply do not wish to deal with, nor inclined to take the time and effort required for the self-installation process, we offer Westell pubic safety signal booster installation service by certified installers to help install this kit professionally in your building.

Westell 510 and 610 series of in-building amplifiers provide amplification of both uplink and downlink wireless signals in facilities located within reasonable proximity of cell sites and where wireless coverage is otherwise non-existent.

General Information:

  • Alphanumeric user interface.
  • Integrated digital power/ AGC meter allows for precise set up without test equipment.
  • Oscillation detection and suppression control feature to prevent network interference.
  • Each band is independently controlled.
  • Local alarm contact closure points and interface for remote shutdown.

Gain Options:

  • 51062: 65 dB of Gain.
  • 51065: 65 dB of Gain.
  • 51075: 75 dB of Gain.
  • 51080: 80 dB of Gain.
  • 61080: 80 dB of Gain.

Typical Applications

  • Parking Garages.
  • Warehouses.
  • Basements.
  • Shielded Structures.
  • Metal Buildings.
  • Office Complexes.
  • Campus Environments.
  • Hospitals and Convention Centers.

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