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What Is Adjustable Decibel or dB Gain In Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

Because full power is not always the best option, many of SureCall’s boosters come with adjustable dB gain at 1 dB increments. Your ultimate aim with a booster is to achieve a usable cellular signal in as many areas of a building as practicable. The definition of a successful installation is that you have a reliable data connection and that you can make calls that don’t drop.

However, don’t expect to see five bars of reception in every area of the building, because this is almost impossible. Also note that signal strength in dB can vary a lot, even though the number of bars displayed may not necessarily be affected. This is because different manufacturers of phone and data cards handle bars in different ways.

Just remember that increasing gain by 6 dB is equivalent to doubling the coverage distance of the interior antennas. Simply start at the lowest gain setting, then increase the gain gradually as required. If you require any further information you can check out the online PDF of our Enterprise booster guides.