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What is M2M or Machine to Machine Cell Phone Signal Booster?

M2M stands for “machine to machine”. M2M when referring to cellular signal boosters is boosting reception for machine to machine applications that require cellular network to communicate with each other. IoT is an acronym for "Internet of Things" which is an over-arching term including wireless connectivity through all types of wireless signals including broadband Internet, GPS, etc.

Machine to machine communications are expanding rapidly on the cellular network. Digital signage, Lotto kiosks, ATMs, remote monitoring, vehicle telematics for commercial auto fleet monitoring, and digital signage, are all being sent and received by cellular frequencies. Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) signal boosters provide consistent cellular connections needed to these devices usually inside stand-alone cabinets.

Machine to Machine (M2M) Connectivity

SureCall cell boosters, antennas, and accessories, offer customers a full range of machine-2-machine solutions, thus providing better data transfer with less error rates across the cellular network.

While connected to an M2M modem and an exterior antenna, SureCall M2M boosters improve data uploads and downloads whilst keeping the information encrypted. SureCall products meet the very specific demands required by M2M solutions: Small form factors to fit into any M to M configuration, their sturdiness, and they are easy to set up to work with laptops, modems, and other M-2-M devices.

In combination with Cellphone-Mate’s (now SureCall’s) industry-leading low return rate and three-year warranty, SureCall offers the perfect solution for improving M2M coverage despite a cabinet, vehicle, or building’s construction and remote location too far from cell towers reducing the cell signal.

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