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What is the difference between "Cellular Frequency" versus Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Frequencies?

There are different frequencies for different purposes. For example, an AM/FM radio has a different frequency than satellite radio. In the same way, the frequencies of a cellular phone are different from Wi-Fi, and from Bluetooth. All cellular phone networks worldwide, use part of the radio frequency spectrum designated as UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) for the transmission and reception of signals. They are not radio signals in terms of being able to, or accidentally picking up on, a music station.

The cellular frequencies just work on the same consistent path as those frequencies. Therefore, if you think about frequencies as being in various streams, it makes the difference easier to understand. While the cell phone frequencies may be flowing down one river with the radio frequencies, the WiFI, Bluetooth, High Definition TV, and such signals are flowing down another river. Within this high frequency band, cellular frequencies describe the sets of frequency ranges that have been allocated for cellular phone use.