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Where's the Best Place for an Outside Antenna For Cell Phone Signal Booster?

An ideal placement for an outside antenna is to locate it in an unobstructed spot on your rooftop, away from other antennas. If this is not possible (or it is too dangerous), find out which corner of your house receives the best signal, and install the outside antenna in that corner. External antennas are typically placed at the highest point in your house such as the attic or roof. The external antenna should not be put close to interior antenna or the base unit and should have at least 15 feet of vertical separation from the base unit.

The higher up on the building, the better the reception will be. However, this is not always the case. The user should find the location where he or she has the strongest signal. Use your phone's signal strength in decibels to determine where you have the strongest signal. Make note of this location and then venture inside the building to see if you receive good signal inside through the booster and interior antenna. The external antenna should be placed relatively close to the spot where you receive the strongest signal inside the building.

Keep in mind that mounting the exterior antenna within close proximity of other devices which rely upon frequencies (such as an external satellite dish, existing antenna, or another booster) may result in a fluctuation of effectiveness with the booster.