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Wholesale Distributor Warehouse Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Warehouse cell phone signal booster

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Installing or need cellular & Wi-Fi signal booster installed in your distributing warehouse?

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Why install a Wi-Fi and cellular signal booster in your warehouse? Enhance the shopping experience by allowing retail dealers to search wholesale pricing and research top selling products online to make informed decisions about their purchase at your warehouse. is the leader in signal booster industry and has successfully provided Wi-Fi and cell phone signal booster installation services to wholesale distributors and their warehouses to successfully resolve the lack of strong WiFi and cellular reception throughout their large indoor properties.

Have you had such a signal amplifier system installed at your premises? If your retail dealer customers, employees, and yourself experience wireless reception issues on your business property, you will not find a more experienced installer of signal boosters. We have had signal boosters installed at wholesale businesses to help them make the most of their mobile telephone plus wireless broadband Internet services.

Wholesale Solutions.

As a wholesaler, you must have noticed that improved cellular reception delivers better wholesale shopping experience for all your customers. We realize how important it is for wholesalers to create a positive experience for all high volume buyers. Buyers demand reliable cell voice coverage to make calls, and fastest 4G LTE coverage to send texts, emails, and connect with their supervisors or co-buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.

However, heavy data and cellular activity within your large warehouse (for example, if your business is like Costco or Sam's Wholesale) packed with buyers can quickly overload an existing network, particularly if your security systems and point-of-sale systems also rely on cellular network. Furthermore, if your warehouse already has weak outside signal, it can become even more difficult trying to access a strong cell signal indoors within your weather resistant building structure.

Benefits of Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Signal Boosters for Wholesalers.

Cell phone and Wi-Fi signal boosters provide for an interrupted cellular and data coverage. They ensure that there’s no breakdown in communication, such as dropped calls for shoppers at your discount membership stores across the country (referring to Sams Wholesale and Costco type outfits), and across all mobile service providers.

When you provide your volume buyers with improved indoor cellular reception, you make it easier for them to get critical purchasing feedback, input, and opinions from business owners co-workers and partners enabling quicker decisions and most likely larger volume purchases as decision making is simplified and authorizations if needed received for making those purchases.

In many instances with significant wireless use within businesses, reliable cellular reception can also mean a smoother checkout process for staff members, providing easy access to customer’s contact information and rewards data. Importantly, uninterrupted security monitoring is also crucial for cellular-based security systems.


In one word, "experience". In two, WiFi & Cellular. Our experience is unmatched in signal booster industry. If you have weak wi-fi and cellular signals, we can address them both very effectively that our competitors will not. A single unit can boost both cellular & Wi-Fi signals to up to 80,000 square feet which will help keep your installation costs down. Our cell phone signal boosters ensure that there's no breakdown in mobile communication as well as no breakdown in broadband Wi-Fi internet communications. You get two benefits for the price of one. This is true even in areas that currently receive little coverage. We have Wilson Electronics certified installers ready to get the job done right. By providing your wholesale customers with an improved cellular signal within your large square footage location, your shoppers are more likely to enjoy their wholesale buying experience. 

Solutions for Poor Cell Signal Reception for Wholesale Stores Across USA and Canada.

We have partnered with Wilson-Pro and Sure-Call to provide comprehensive wholesale solutions. We sell signal boosting equipment and offer installation services for cell phone signal boosters and Wi-Fi signal boosters made by WilsonPro and SureCall. We have both Wilson Certified Installers as well as SureCall Certified Installers depending which manufacturer equipment is purchased, that are ready to tackle the most difficult installation project. 

You can rely on certified technicians to provide the most effective solution to the problem of weak cell signal reception at your wholesale store. Rest assured that all certified cell phone signal booster installers and certified wi-fi signal booster installers also have extensive experience of working with hundreds of wholesale stores across USA and Canada to boost their signals successfully.

We’re capable of taking on projects of all types and sizes. Our work begins with an on-site survey. Thereafter, we design a customized cell phone booster solution based on the requirements determined after the site survey. Once the quote has your approval, we proceed with the cell phone signal booster and/or Wi-Fi signal booster installation to boost reception in all areas of your wholesale property. 

We make sure that everything is done according to your requirements and never overshoot a set budget or deadline. Contact us today for a free consultation. Submit your details for a signal booster installation quote, today.