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Why Do Some Cell Phone Signal Boosters Have Automatic Shutdown?

Our cell phone signal boosters include an automatic shutdown feature designed to prevent noise or oscillation from your booster. When oscillation occurs and is detected in the uplink and/or downlink features of your amplifier, the power light will turn red and the appropriate warning lights will begin flashing red.

The affected side controlling a signal band will automatically shut down after 30 seconds if the problem is not resolved. Then, after 30 seconds the booster will wake back up, at which time the power light will turn green. The lights will flash again if oscillation resumes, and these 30-second cycles will continue until either the problem is resolved or 15 minutes have passed.

The booster will shut down if the problem is not resolved within 15 minutes, meaning all lights will be off except for the power light, which is red. To reset the booster simply unplug it from the power supply, then plug it back in. Increase the antenna separation to resolve oscillation.