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Why Our Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Amplifiers Made of Metal?

There're two primary reasons why our cell phone signals and amplifiers are made from metal. The first reason is that metal is a more durable material than other alternatives. As such, the boosters and the amplifiers have an increased longevity of life, meaning that they are not prone to damages like plastics and hard rubber. Since the materials are metal - Tears, dents, and dings are far less apt to occur. The minor aesthetic wear which may occur over the life of the product will not affect the functionality of the product.

The second reason for choosing metal in our cell phone signal boosters and amplifiers is to regulate the temperatures of internal components effectively. The metal is able to dissipate heat more efficiently than boosters made of plastic. The metal allows for the device to withstand very high temperatures, sometimes to well over 100 Celsius, and extreme cold of up to -4 Celsius. This makes internal components of our boosters and amplifiers last longer and explains why SureCall and Wilson Electronics is able to offer an industry-leading three-year manufacturer’s warranty.