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Why Soft Install Cell Phone Booster Prior To Full Installation?

A cell phone signal booster soft installation prior to full install is highly suggested to test and determine the optimal system setup of a consumer or commercial business cell phone signal booster system. Having a soft install done, allows you to resolve certain issues prior to having a cellular amplifier kit permanently installed inside home or business premises.

For example, placing all wires loosely but connected to signal amplifier and all antennas, connectors, parts, etc. enables us to determine that the system does in fact work prior to drilling holes and installing all parts. If it doesn't, that soft installation enables us to move things around such as re-route cables, increase or decrease distance between indoor and outdoor antennas to reduce oscillation, etc. to ensure everything works perfectly. Here's a brief summary of reasons why a soft install is recommended:

  • It helps you to determine where the outside (donor) and inside (device) antennas should be placed.
  • A soft install helps to find the best way to run the coaxial cable inside your home.
  • It allows you optimize the boosting system and correct any problems prior to full permanent installation that involves drilling holes, etc.
  • In a worst case scenrio, a soft install testing could well determine that the system purchased is not the appropriate system for the specific location or situation. A 60-day money-back guarantee applies, so the product can be returned or replaced.

Basically, a cell phone signal booster soft installation offers home owner, business owner, and the professional installer an opportunity to see how the technology works, and they get to see first-hand fairly quickly how a cell phone signal booster will indeed work effectively on the specific business or residential property prior to going through an extended permanent installation process.

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