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Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Booster Systems Installed in Airports

Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Booster Systems Installed in Airports

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Installing or need cell & wifi booster installed in an Airport building or facility?

Get airport signal booster install service by expert installers to ensure consistent mobile connectivity.

Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters for Airports.

Airports are essentially connection hubs that connect travelers to their next flight, connect businesses to clients, and connect loved ones. People often rely on cellular connectivity to make these connections. They need reliable indoor cellular signals, whether they are notifying someone that they have arrived via text message, letting someone know where exactly they are so they can meet up, or making business calls between flights.

Airport visitors also want the peace of mind of knowing they could call for help if it is ever needed, be it from a parking garage or a public concourse. Not only travelers benefit from reliable indoor cellular coverage, but also employees and, in the case of emergencies, first responders. Airports are huge and private radio networks and cell phones are crucial for connecting workers. Emergency responders, be they internal or external, also need dependable access to public safety frequencies during a crisis situation. Ensuring a reliable connection indoors can be very difficult if the right technology is not being used. Paid wireless broadband wifi service and cellular service exists inside airports but is usually hampered due to building materials. Airport signal booster systems and distributed antenna systems (DAS) from can ensure that wireless connectivity capability exists all across large swaths of spaces inside airport buildings and facilities.


Our wireless solutions are designed to be able to cope with huge traffic volumes with multi-systems (2G/3G/4G) and multi-operators conditions. Since numerous sectors need to address high volumes and high capacities, it is critical that the design is solid and sector planning done properly to prevent interference between sectors. This will ensure that quality of service and experience for passengers and employees is provided.

Deployed in airports around USA and Canada, the series of passive and active DAS solutions enables capacity enhancement and wireless coverage for these venues and integrates seamlessly to offload traffic at hotspot areas via our Wi-Fi solutions.

Airport Solutions.

Passengers and airport staff are more reliant upon secure wireless data and reliable mobile coverage than ever before.

This does however cause a problem in an airport as it is not always easy to access a strong, reliable indoor signal. Cell connectivity depends on the location and size of the airport, infrastructure of the building, and budgets. In airports with thousands of passengers and employees, the network can easily become inoperable.

Cellular signal penetration could be a problem in airports and are caused by numerous factors. It is for example possible that the airport is built with many areas or basements that have no windows. The building could also be constructed with materials that block cell phone signals.

Cell carriers provide coverage based on specific calculations and these are often based on the number of cell towers a carrier has in a geographical area. Those calculations do however go wrong badly as they cannot always take into consideration the fluctuating volume of service users, signal dampening construction materials, exterior line-of-sight to mobile tower obstructions, and the real-life terrain.

Wi-Fi Signal Boosters and Cell Signal Boosters.

Electronic devices that repeat, amplify, and even generate signals are an affordable and simple solution to improving cellular reception in airport environments. Due to improved newer technology we use, they are more economical and more effective than ever before. They provide a reliable signal reception in multiple buildings and also provide faster data transfers. Efficient communication and easy interaction between both travelers and staff is made possible without dropped calls, hangups and voice plus video and voice-only glitches. They make it possible for huge, historic airports to retain their identity, while providing reliable security.

Benefits of WiFi and Phone Booster Installation in Airports.

For many reasons, airport administrators are fully aware that top quality cellular reception is vitally important when offering an excellent experience to passengers passing through their airport. Some of these reasons include maintaining airport operations and achieving the best possible customer experience outcomes.

Strong cell reception keeps staff members, passengers and airport visitors safe and connected across a large area (the airport), while at the same time providing easy access to digital resources.

We Provide Solutions for Poor Cell Reception in Airports.

Our qualified and experienced network enhancing system designers and installers are fully equipped to solve the problem of weak cell phone reception in airports. We sell and schedule installation of signal boosters in airports of all sizes.

We have worked with airports across the country and Canada. Our commercial cell signal boosters and DAS provide a flexible and reliable solution for airports that are experiencing poor cell and data reception. Our cell signal boosters are designed to deliver the highest coverage for all carriers and for all situations.

Our installation service team is ready to tackle the toughest challenges your situation may toss at us. We begin with an initial site survey and provide expert design assistance and fast, cost-effective installation.

Together with our partners, we provide reliable and customized wireless reception boosting solutions from start to finish. We have the best certified installation team in the business. You can rely on us for a complete solution that works. Guaranteed. Submit your details for an airport signal booster installation quote, today.