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Will 4G LTE Signal Boosters Become Obsolete With Arrival Of 5G?

No, 4G signal boosters will not become obsolete. Just like 3G signal boosters are still working great after a decade of 4G use for many that want to improve cellular calls on their cell phones in poor signal areas, 4G signal boosters will do the same excellent task after arrival of 5G technology. The main reason for this is that most Carriers still use 3G for voice transmissivity in 2019. Similarly, for up to a decade from 2019, 5G will be used primarily for data transmissions. This means that voice transmissions will continue to occur over 4G LTE (VoLTE - Voice Over LTE). Therefore, to improve voice clarity and prevent dropped calls in weak signal areas, 4G LTE signal boosters will continue to be helpful. Read more about 5G and AT&T 5G E and learn everything else there's to know about 5G.