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Will a 3G Booster work for 4G phone voice calls?

Maybe. 3G boosters are able to work with 4G phone voice features as many 4G-capable devices drop to 3G/2G when placing a call and only use 4G to transmit data. Some carriers have however started using VoLTE (Voice over LTE) to transmit voice traffic. To eliminate choppy voice and dropped or missed calls with these carrier networks, you can either install a 4G booster or you can force your cell-phone to use 3G by going into phone settings and making this change. Contact your cellphone manufacturer to find out how to make that change if you cannot figure it out because cellphone setting interface varies in phones from different manufacturers based on software overlay the manufacturer designs to make the Android or iOS (iPhone) operating system work with their hardware equipment (wireless phone). However, if slow data is experienced with a 4G phone (if 3G speed is too slow for you or carrier does not allow it), a 4G booster must be installed.