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Will cell signal boosters work on homes w/ metal sidings/ metal roof?

Yes, cell phone signal boosters work on homes with metal sidings, metal roof, and even in metallic mobile homes. However, you should ensure that outside antenna (tower) is mounted outside the home, either on an exterior wall, or on the roof. It should also be directed at the cell tower for best reception. If this type of location is impossible, please contact us so we can assist you with determining the best solution for you.

Metallic roof and/or sidings have practically no impact on cellular coverage expansion because external antenna injects signal indoors through a coaxial cable and then signal amplifier inside amplifies those signals upto 32 times to provide good coverage indoors (even better than the signal strength outside). Here's a more in-depth detailed discussion on this topic with a list of powerful cellular booster kits you can choose from: Install signal booster in building with metal roof.