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Will Dealers Be Held Liable If a Consumer Fails to Register a Booster?

The consumer is responsible for their device and it is ultimately the consumer's responsibility to register the product. User instructions, manuals, marketing materials, and the packaging of the cell phone booster product have definitive markings informing the purchaser that he or she is responsible for registration of the cell phone signal booster after purchase.

Consumer signal boosters indicate that the consumer boosters are for individual use and that they must be registered with the carrier, so dealers, retailers, and resellers will not be liable if the purchaser fails to comply. Please note that failure to register with a carrier may result in more than just fines. Using the cell phone signal booster without registering could pose a problem for the Carrier because it would be difficult to contact its owner if the product starts to malfunction and begin damaging their nearby cell tower. This is the main reason why everyone must register.

Should you have any questions regarding the FCC regulations about registrations contact the company from which you purchased your product, contact your carrier, or visit the FCC website for details. No dealer will be held liable if a consumer fails to register a booster because registration notice is clearly posted at all point of sale places and clearly on product packaging as well.