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Will rollout of 5G network make today's signal boosters obsolete?

No it won't, because the frequencies that cell carriers operate on today will be still be used in the future. Cellular carriers have spent a fortune on 4G LTE frequency spectrums currently used for data, talk, and text, and many of these frequencies will still be used for the 5G technology platform. Plus, 4G LTE networks will still be used as backup, similar to the way 3G networks are still in use. Importantly, 5G networks will initially only be targeting wireless data transfer.

Therefore, if you're considering getting a cellular booster for your signal reception problems now, our opinion is that you can go ahead and make your purchase to solve those problems immediately. Keep in mind that 5G will not be replacing 4G LTE for some time. Existing 4G LTE networks will still be here for many years to come, delivering applications and providing services side-by-side with the faster 5G network. Perhaps, sometime in the future, you will need to change it out, but you will still be able to use todays cellular boosters in the foreseeable future.