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Wilson Certified Installer Training Certificate


Wilson Certified Installer Training Certificate PDF file should display above. It certifies completion of Wilson Electronics Certified Installer Program. If PDF file has not loaded above, please reload because it is a large file which may prevent loading immediately. If it does not display above despite re-loading, please check to ensure your browser supports PDF files. If no PDF viewing solution is available, please visit about us page for the rest of information.

Beginning in 1999, Wilson Electronics has had a long history of cell phone signal booster design and production. They were the first to supply, build, and design cell phone signal boosters throughout Canada and United States. In the many years since their inception in 1999, Wilson Electronics has continued to grow and add new products to their offerings as requested by customers and as required by ever-changing cell phone technology from 2G to 3G to 4G LTE to futuristic 5G and beyond. They were the first to develop cell phone signal boosters for use within vehicles, and have amassed more than 50 patents in the development and refining of their impressive range of technological solutions.

It is Wilson Electronics that oversees the manufacture of zBoost, weBoost, and WilsonPro cell phone signal boosters to combat the once-common problems of slow data streaming, undelivered text messages and emails, and dropped phone calls. Whether at work, at home, or within your car, Wilson Electronics has the cell phone signal booster products to work with all cell phone carriers within the United States, along with a wide range of international carriers.

People looking for a local Wilson Electronics partner who understands the local nuances of a specific region and its particular wireless network issues look no further than, a Wilson Electronics installer. All Wilson Electronics installers undergo a rigorous certification and training program to ensure that they are experts in the full range of WilsonPro products and solutions. This comprehensive training allows installers to identify optimal installation guidelines from within Wilson Electronics' global network into the specific circumstances of a regional network, and to get it right every time.

It is the role of a Wilson Electronics installer to evaluate available technology and make recommendations about the optimal ways to integrate the industry-leading WilsonPro products into the local network. With the overall aim to introduce and maintain a high performing network with minimal downtime and limited disruptions, Wilson Electronics installers seamlessly integrate investments, overlays, and technology upgrades into your existing network to ensure the best result every time.