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Wilson Pro Installers & Resellers

Did you know that we're Wilson Pro reseller and wholesaler? This means that we have access to aggressive volume pricing that we can then pass on to our selected business partners to improve their bottom lines on equipment and installation. Therefore, if you're a cell phone signal booster installer, reseller, or Wilson Pro dealer, consider working with us to enjoy the benefits of our competitive Wilson Pro wholesale pricing on Wilson Pro products. Read on to find out more about becoming our valued Preferred Wilson Pro Partner (PWPP).

If you would like to proceed, the 1st thing to do is, create Wilsonpro wholesale account. Once you have done that, get in touch with us to let us know that you're ready to start buying in bulk at wholesale cost. When you get in touch with us after creating your Wilson Pro supplier account, please advise items and quantities you're interested in buying in your 1st order.

With this info, we will know which wholesale pricing tier to assign that corresponds to the level of discount offered on your selected Wilson Pro products. We have a direct buying arrangement with Wilson Pro and work closely with our contacts in their office in St. George, Utah, USA. We purchase in extremely large quantities, allowing our resellers to buy from us in smaller quantities while still taking advantage of huge discounts.

All Wilson Pro Installers & Resellers Enjoy Big Discounts Based On Their Total Purchases.

You will have access to our wholesale prices on all Wilson Pro signal boosters and related items in the future. Simply login using your account details and the wholesale pricing will be available to you. If you dealt directly with a manufacturer, you would be expected to place an extremely large order before you would be offered deeply discounted prices. However, as a Wilson Pro wholesaler, we have the buying power to offer a Wilson Pro discount and allow the dealers and resellers that we work with, to place smaller orders directly with us while still being offered wholesale rates.

Should an additional charge be incurred to cover the shipping costs of your order, we will always let you know as soon as we can. For the most part, however, shipping on your wholesale orders will be free. It is our aim to provide our preferred business partners with the absolute lowest possible resale rates at all times.

We offer Wilson Pro cell phone amp sales and are ready to supply Wilson Pro cell phone signal boosting products to you now and in the long term. Looking forward to building a mutually beneficial working relationship with your company. is WilsonPro Distributor.

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