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10 Quickest & Easiest Tricks For Increasing Cell Phone Signal Strength

Feb 25, 2018

How to get better cell phone reception free, or how to increase cell phone signal strength free - without using cell phone signal booster? We set out to find this out and compiled the following list of top 10 quickest and easiest ways to boost cellular antenna bars so you can make that call. If your browser does not support PDF files you can view our, "how to get better cellphone reception infographic".

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  • The “close your apps” advice brings up another good point. I saw another article here at about securing your phone and it mentioned how you should get rid of any unnecessary apps because they may contain spyware. This could help you improve your cell phone signal and keep your phone safe from hackers.

    Marvin E. on
  • “Anyone know how to boost the cell phone signal in my car?” I have this problem, whether I’m out in the rural areas or the big city (although the rural areas tend to be worse). It is annoying because I like to make long drives go faster by calling people and keeping in touch. I also make the occasional business call while driving and I can’t afford to have a call drop. The best thing I’ve seen so far is to get a cell phone booster for your motor vehicle. As long as there’s a signal, it will amplify the cell phone signal so you stay connected and have clear calls. I saw elsewhere there are ones for marine craft too, Steven.

    Roger Willis Jr. on
  • These methods did work for me. Thanks for sharing them on the site. Anyone know how to boost the cell phone signal in my car?

    Steven J. Gruber III on
  • Hey guys. Some of these tricks do work. The other day I was at school (in the basement where reception is garbage) and I needed a signal to download some info. I turned the phone on airplane mode then switched back and presto, the bars went full. There are free ways to boost cell phone signals and while cell phone boosters sound awesome, there could be times when you’re in a building that doesn’t have one. If so, refer to these tips for ways how to improve mobile signal strength, especially the airplane one. I can vouch for that!

    Noah Jenkins on
  • I was looking for a way to boost my cell phone signal at home for free when I came across this blog. I’ve heard anecdotes about how to improve mobile signal strength, but never read anything on a technical site. For example, I’ve heard people say “turn phone off and on,” but wasn’t sure what to believe. Of course, number 10 is a time-tested method I think everyone has used after frustration over trying to get through on phones with weak signals.

    Simon Lazarus on

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