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Insanely Simple Installation Guide of Cel-Fi PRO Cell Phone Signal Booster for a Home

Jun 09, 2016

Inside the box of Cellular Fi Pro system, you will find the following items: A quick start installation guide, the network unit, the coverage unit and two interchangeable power adapters. Both units have a screen which will display easy to follow instructions guiding you to get the most from your new system. Boost your indoor wireless coverage, limit dropped calls and increase your mobile data rates with Cell-Fi signal booster kit.

Use your mobile phone to find the location in your home with the highest bars. Make sure you see the 3G, 4G or LTE icon on the hand set. Place the network unit in an area where you find the most bars on your handset. Plug the power adapter into the network unit and into a convenient power outlet. It does not matter which adapter you use. Make sure the network unit is upright and the display is facing towards inside of the room. It will take the network unit a few minutes to complete the wake-up sequence.

Now let us set up the coverage unit. The farther apart you put the two units, the better the system will work, increasing the size of the coverage area. Of course in large homes, it is indeed possible to put the units too far apart. You may need to try several locations to find the best one. Place the coverage unit in an area where you have the fewest bars and plug it in.

Once you have placed both the network unit and the coverage unit, the system will do an automatic test. If needed, it will offer suggestion to improve the coverage quality. Instructions on the Cel-Fi Pro screen might prompt you to move the network unit or you might be prompted to change the coverage unit's location. Your CelFi Pro will warn you if the units are too close together or too far apart.

Now that you installation is complete, you should have much better coverage on your phone. Once again, check different locations to make sure you have better coverage everywhere. If there's an area that does not have good coverage, try moving the coverage unit closer to that area and test again with your mobile phone.

We hope you enjoy the improved voice coverage and higher data rates from your new Cel Fi Pro system!

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