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Cel-Fi introduces the new Pro-X accessory kit to extend signal booster coverage

Jun 09, 2016

Introducing Cel-Fi’s first Accessory, the PRO-X. The PRO-X are cabled adapter sleeves that fits over our Cel-Fi PRO booster allowing a cabled connection between the Network unit and Coverage unit. This will provide installers additional flexibility in locations where the standard wireless UNII system link is challenged. PROFESSIONAL CABLE INSTALLATION RECOMMENDED.


Extended Link Range: Up to 40 meters from Unit to Unit with LMR-200 cable. Longer ranges for lower loss cables (LMR-200 or LMR-240 cable recommended).

Standard Cable & Connections: Uses standard SMA male cable connectors and 50 ohm coax (40 dB maximum cable loss @ 6 GHz).

Additional Installation Flexibility: Get cellular coverage into those hard to reach places by allowing the Cel-Fi Coverage Unit to be placed much further from the Network Unit, or allowing the Units to connect when their normal RF link signals cannot penetrate through structures. This allows for a wide range of new Cel-Fi Pro Installation scenarios (e.g. hard to reach commercial or residential spaces, subterranean or deeper basement structures, dense structural buildings and more)

Maximizes Cel-Fi PRO performance: Cel-Fi system coverage performance is typically maximized when PRO-X is used achieving 100dB of signal gain and 13,000 sq. ft of coverage.

The following table will help you determine approximately how much distance between the Network Unit and Coverage Unit can be achieved with different cable types. Actual results may vary, depending on cable quality, manufacturer, and other factors. It’s recommended that specific cable choices and lengths be tested for adequate performance prior to installation.

Cable Type Diameter (mm) Estimated Range (meters)
LMR200 4.95 40
LMR240 6.1 45
LMR300 7.62 53
LMR400 10.29 81
RG213 10.3 30
RG214 10.8 30
RG223 5.4 24
RG58 5 20
RG316 2.6 13
RG174 2.55 12
RG-8X 6.15 23

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  • This seems helpful but I wonder if there are more advanced ways to deal with hard to reach areas in terms of extending cell phone coverage. Perhaps antennas? This is an area where I’d leave it to the cell phone installers to figure things out.

    Jules Carton on
  • Always helpful reading reviews when you’re looking to make any purchase. I was thinking about a cel-fi booster, but I didn’t realize what the cel-pro price is. The cel-fi pro review explained things nicely, but I was wondering about the cel-fi pro external antenna (if it uses one) and how to install it. Is that something that would be mentioned in a cel-fi pro manual when it comes to installation?

    Ron Porterhouse on
  • I didn’t know they had accessories to help out with cell phone boosters. It makes sense as upgrades in technology that led to things like cell phone booster inevitably lead to ways to improve the boosters. So you’re already helping yourself by getting a cell phone booster to increase your cell phone signal, now you can do even better for avoiding dropped calls and such.

    Vern Abbott on
  • This site is a wonderful resource for consumers and professionals. I like how there is information on how to maximize the effectiveness of your equipment and what resources are out there for you to use (such as software). I also enjoy the videos that explain things. The videos are informative and well-timed so you don’t waste your time watching filler. You don’t need a twenty-minute video explaining how to screw in a lightbulb but some people can’t help but stretch things out. I’m glad that’s not the policy here.

    Morgan Matthews on

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