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75 Ohm RG11 Cable versus 50 Ohm 400 Cable for Signal Boosters

Aug 28, 2017

Hi, in today’s FAQ video, we will answer the question, "What's the difference between 75 Ohm RG11 Cable vs 50 Ohm 400 Cable? There are lots of options when it comes to cable. In general, it is best to use a high quality cable that has the least amount of signal loss as possible. Wilson Pro recommends the use of 50 ohm 400 cable for most commercial jobs. 400 cable provides low loss while being able to handle high amounts of cellular traffic. In some cases, RG-11 can be used and is used because it is already pre-wired in most buildings. The reason why RG11 cables are most popular pre-installed cables is that they are an acceptable standard for typical audio visual electronics. RG-11 is 75 Ohm and has about 1 -2 dB of additional loss per 100 feet of cable. Also, 75 Ohm cables does not handle as much cellular traffic as 50 Ohm. Therefore, in higher use situations, you can see reduction in data speeds. Watch video below for illustration.


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  • Often the simplest explanations are the best and that’s what I have here. Thanks for explaining why 50 Ohm 400 cable is superior for the majority of commercial jobs. If I remember, you have to have a professional install a commercial signal booster, but it’s good to know why they’re using particular equipment so you don’t get hoodwinked.

    David Earley on
  • Cell phone signal boosters need the right cable, just as any other electronic device does. When you’re getting a coaxial cable for a cell phone booster, you probably want to go with the best cell phone booster cable. The 75 Ohm RG11 cable sounds like the superior cable so when I get a cell phone booster, I am going to get the best cell phone booster antenna cable to maximize its effects.

    C.J. Fingeroth on
  • Does anyone know if there are particular brands of cable that work better than others? Basically, I’m asking if all brands are created equal. Will you be paying for a name brand cable and getting nothing but the name-or will you get a more powerful transfer? Anytime I’m looking to increase my cell phone signal strength, I want to maximize every aspect of it.

    Riley H. on
  • I never would begin to have any idea what type of cable to use or what the differences are. Thankfully, this short video helped explain things nicely. Hats off to whoever produces these videos as they are helpful and look professional. Some businesses have cheap-looking tutorial videos and it makes their product look second-rate. Not only do you get a professional product, but a professional video for your cellular signal booster.

    Morgan Matthews on

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