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Weatherproofing Signal Booster Cable Connections Outdoors

Aug 29, 2017

Weatherproofing Signal Booster Cable Connections Outdoors

Weatherproofing cable connections outside may sound like a no-brainer, but how do you correctly weatherproof Cellular Signal Booster Cable Connections? Today, we will show you how to weatherproof the cable connections for your cell phone signal amplifier. It is a good idea to make cable connections that are located outside water proof to keep any water from getting into the cable and causing any issues.

Weather proofing the cable connections is easy to do and it is inexpensive. You will just need a roll of "moisture sealing tape" and a roll of "electric tape". You can find these at most hardware stores. You can practically use any waterproofing tape but our favorite is the waterproof silicone tape that essentially sticks to itself to form the tightest possible bond without any sticky adhesive that can harden or wear out over time.

To start, make sure your cable connections are secured tightly together. Cut a strip of moisture sealing tape, long enough to cover the connection - from about an inch below the connection, to an inch above. Normally, you will need about 12 inches of tape to do the job. Remove the backing strip from the tape. Place the tape below the connection and begin to wrap it around the cable. Stretch the tape at least three quarters of the original width as you wrap for a proper seal. Also make sure that you overlap the layers of tape by about half.

Work your way up and over the cable connection until you have overlapped the cable connection at the top. Press the tape into place to seal everything together. Next, you want to cover the moisture sealing tape with electrical tape to provide UV protection. Start below the moisture sealing tape and overwrap the cable in the same manner as before, making sure to overwrap the electrical tape by about half as you move up. Continue until you have overlapped the top of the rubber sealing tape. Then trim the electrical tape and press it into place. This will provide you with a weatherproofed UV proof connection for your cell phone signal booster and will keep your booster working at peak performance.

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  • It’s the little things like weatherproofing your connections that can make life easier for your electronics such as signal boosters or cable TV connections. While this story is a bit different, we had a problem at home where some squirrels chewed through a cable wire. I don’t know what happened to the squirrels but it probably wasn’t pretty. When it rained, it started affecting the cable and it took the repair team some time before they tracked down the problem.

    Justin S. Berry on
  • Rain, rain go away. While we don’t have any control over the weather we do have control over how we do things when we have an outdoor wifi booster or do an outdoor wifi antenna setup. Naturally, you have to keep moisture (be it snow or rain) from your outdoor wifi antenna kit if you want to use it without any hassles. As this video shows, it’s not a big deal. Just follow the steps and your outdoor wifi antenna receiver is protected.

    Hamilton Diggler on
  • Water and electronics do not mix. That also goes for your wiring connecting different devices. I am so glad this article is online because nobody should invest in a device to make their cell phone’s signal stronger, only to scratch their head wondering why it isn’t working. Follow the steps here and you should be free and clear of water-related headaches.

    J.T. Darwin on
  • I live in Western New York so weatherproofing is a must. This was helpful because we get some drastic changes in weather including temperature and moisture. It could be dry and 50 one day and wet and 20 the next. It’s important to know how to protect your connections, particularly against moisture. I want my cell booster to work at peak efficiency.

    Michael Rickard on

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