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80 dB Public Safety Band BDA Signal Booster

Jun 11, 2020

80 dB Public Safety Band BDA Signal Booster

Built to Perform when Reliability Matters Most.

SureCall Guardian4 80 dB Public Safety Signal Booster / BDA supports more than 100 simultaneous users per band on 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800 MHz, 900 MHz SMRS.

BDA with Best Value and Reliability for Class B ½ watt Public Safety Building Regulations.

  • Boosts all public safety bands.
  • Supports more than 100 simultaneous users per band on 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800 MHz, 900 MHz SMRS.
  • Meets NFPA72 requirements for Chapter 24 Emergency Communications Systems in large buildings up to 80,000 square feet.
  • Delivers crucial signal coverage for first responder's two-way radio communications nations.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Long Term Reliability.

Building Certification.

Strong Public Safety Signal Needed for Certificate of Occupancy. SureCall Guardian4 meets the code for Chapter 24 Emergency Communications System of NFPA72 and features a NEMA-4 rated amplifier housing, which eliminates the need for an additional NEMA enclosure.

Guardian4 BDA Interface:

Guardian4 BDA Interface

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Or submit request for Public Safety BDA Installation Service which includes site survey, BDA, installation, and all reqd. approvals.

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  • This model sounds powerful if it supports more than simultaneous users on one band. This may sound odd, but are all public safety boosters colored red? If so, that makes sense so people can find them quickly if there is an issue with first responders having trouble staying in touch with one another. Public safety boosters’ importance cannot be overstated.

    Malina Nowicki on
  • I don’t have the slightest idea what it’s like to be a first responder but I know how scary it is when you’re in an isolated area like a parking garage and you can’t get a good signal. I’d guess that’s 1/100th of what firefighters, police, and EMT’s go through when there are no public safety boosters to provide them with a strong cell signal

    B. Horowitz on
  • Do you know someone who is a police officer, firefighter, or other first responders? Imagine the emotions they feel every time they go into a building to help someone and they want to make sure they can call for further assistance or heaven forbid, call for help if they run into trouble. I didn’t know why buildings needed these public safety bands until I read up on them and found out how much they can help our first responders. I hope these public safety boosters become mandatory.

    George Matthews on
  • I don’t know all that much about public safety band signal boosters other than that they help firefighters and other first responders communicate. Is this something you’d put in a factory or high-rise to cover the entire area?

    Frank Robbins on

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