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Everything about weBoost Drive Sleek (470135)

Jun 12, 2020

weBoost Drive Sleek is a single cell phone signal booster for car, truck or SUV. Watch the video below that details weBoost Drive Sleek (470135) features and easy installation procedure.

Video transcription:

If you happen to spend a considerable amount of time alone on the road, having strong reliable cell signal in your car is a must. Fortunately there's Drive Sleek, an in-vehicle cell phone signal booster from weBoost. Drive Sleek is compatible with all carriers and is designed to work with any phone or device that fits within its sturdy adjustable boosting cradle. It can fit smartphones ranging in size between 5.1 inches and 7.5 inches in length. Once your device is secured in place, you immediately start getting better coverage. That puts an end to dropped calls, missed texts and slow data speeds inside your vehicle.

Installing Drive Sleek is easy.

Installing the weBoost Drive Sleek is simple, especially with the featured drive magnetic outside antenna. It is custom designed and engineered by weBoost and easily the most powerful antenna for its size. Simply place the drive magnetic outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. With its magnetic base, it stays secure and in place yet isn't a problem to remove when needed. For vehicles with an aluminum body, an adhesive mounting disc is included. Next, connect outside antenna cable to the booster. Then connect the booster to the Drive Sleek cradle and power it up. Now, it is ready to boost cell signal. No pairing or connecting your phone is needed. It simply works as long as your phone stays inside the adjustable cradle.

Positioning the Drive Sleek.

Using either the magnetic vent mount or adhesive dash mount, the Drive Sleek can be conveniently positioned on the dashboard for quick access. It is also compatible with many other vent mounts or can even be used without a mount at all. The Drive Sleek's power cord features a USB port. It is ideal for keeping your phone constantly charged while receiving boosted signal throughout the Drive. Perfect for Rideshare drivers, daily commuters or other power users, who are constantly on the go.

Keep your focus on the road and not worry about your cell signal coverage. Choose a better way to stay connected using any phone on any carrier network with Drive Sleek by weBoost.

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  • Did I see that right? Do you install the attachment unit for the phone on top of your car’s air vent? That doesn’t look too smart. It just sounds like a bad idea. It will restrict the airflow and blow hot (or cold) air onto your phone. I just don’t know about that.

    Milagros C. Padilla on
  • K.C. I’ve been seeing more ads for vehicle signal boosters too. I also know more people who have bought home boosters due to the pandemic and what I presume is heavier use of cell phones by people at home. As for me, I want a cell phone booster because I make business calls in my car whenever I’m on the road and I don’t want to give off an unprofessional vibe to clients or potential clients if they can’t hear me.

    Melissa Young on
  • I KEEP SEEING MORE ADVERTISEMENTS AND ARTICLES ABOUT VEHICLE SIGNAL BOOSTERS. WHY IS THAT? K.C. there is a good reason why you’re seeing more ads and articles concerning vehicle signal boosters and it’s the same reason people get boosters for their homes. Having a terrible signal on cell phones is a problem that does not discriminate based on location. It can occur equally inside homes and businesses as they do inside cars – especially with the intricate networks of roads, highways, and freeways across the USA that make it tough for cell towers to keep up with you as you travel. Cell towers can’t always keep up the coverage everywhere people drive, which is why you get weakened signals, much like people in remote areas may get with their home signals. More people are discovering that cell phone boosters for cars are as helpful as they are for homes.

    Aaron H. on
  • I keep seeing more advertisements and articles about vehicle signal boosters. Why is that? They look helpful and all but why do they seem to be everywhere, with almost as many ads and articles as there are for home and business signal boosters?

    K.C. Richardson on

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