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Why buy weBoost Drive X Fleet Fixed Antenna Vehicle Cell Booster?

Jun 15, 2020

weBoost Drive X Fleet fixed antenna vehicle cell phone signal booster is for business transportation fleets and non-profit or governmental cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. Watch this video that illustrates the benefits and design of weBoost Drive X Fleet (473021) - making it an essential electronic component in all critical transports.

Why weBoost Drive X Fleet Fixed Antenna Signal Booster?

Introducing the Drive X Fleet cell signal booster by weBoost. This product is specifically designed for use by fleet vehicles like police cars, government or commercial vehicles, delivery trucks or whatever your fleet might look like.

What is the Drive X Fleet?

The Drive X fleet is a powerful cell signal booster. It enhances all available network speeds for multiple phones, tablets and cellular-based fleet tracking devices, simultaneously within any fleet vehicle. It enables vehicle operators to stay connected with their fleet managers or dispatch from wherever they are, on the road. It is compatible with all cellular devices and all carrier networks, giving your staff the ability to communicate or contact each other in weak signal areas, even if they happen to use different mobile providers.

How it works.

This is how the Drive X Fleet works. First, the NMO antenna is securely mounted onto the vehicle, which captures signal from the nearest cell tower. That signal is sent through a 14 feet cable with an optional six ft. extension cable to the Drive X booster. The booster then amplifies the signal with up to 50 dB in max gain. Then our in-vehicle antenna broadcasts that amplified cell signal inside your vehicle. This gives you much faster data and voice speeds. It is designed for professional installation, giving you added reliability while leaving you vehicle clean and clutter free. Enhanced cell signal coverage throughout your fleet means improved communication between your team, finally putting an end to dropped calls or delayed messages.

Benefits of the Drive X Fleet.

Whether it is a police officer getting faster notifications to respond to an accident or crime scene or a fleet of maintenance trucks providing better customer service by staying in contact with clients, giving your fleet the means to do their jobs more effectively allows you to save time, increase safety and improve efficiency. The Drive X Fleet by weBoost, an affordable yet effective way to keep your fleet connected.

weBoost Drive X Fleet

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