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Why buy weBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster for Vehicles?

Jun 16, 2020

Buy weBoost Drive Reach cell phone signal booster for its awesome technical specifications, variety of vehicle type installation options, and design features. Watch video below that illustrates its many benefits and advantages over other cellular amplifier kits for cars, trucks, RVs, and marine vessels.

What is the Drive Reach?

It is weBoost's most powerful in-vehicle cell signal booster yet. The Drive Reach always gives your smartphone the strongest cell phone signal possible. The reason is, it is capable of 50 dB max gain, the maximum allowed by the FCC.

More significant is the game-changing 5 dB increase in uplink power of the Drive Reach, pushing it up to 29.5 dBm in signal output back to the tower.

For any user, this means when you find yourself in a remote location, you can be up to 74 percent farther from the closest cell tower than you can with our second most powerful booster, the weBoost Drive X, yet experience even greater signal strength.

Why weBoost Drive Reach?

The Drive Reach is designed for use with any cell phone or cellular connected devices inside any passenger vehicles: car, truck, van or SUV. It is also compatible with all major carriers. It has been given many cosmetic upgrades, as evidenced by its sleek, metallic red exterior.

It clearly stands apart among multi-user, in vehicle, cell phone signal boosters on the market today. But its one of a kind look isn't just for show. The Drive Reach incorporates this unique thin design to increase its surface area.

That helps to to displace excess heat and maintain peak performance. The Drive Reach is also designed for intuitive, tool free installation.

Installation and mounting options.

The booster itself fits perfectly inside its custom mounting bracket, featuring a Velcro backing for secure placement on the floor of your vehicle. The bracket allows for several installation options based on personal preference. Reliable SMB connections on the booster makes secure antenna installation a snap.

An easy to install drive magnetic outside antenna with a total of four cable exit ports in its base allows for optimal placement and clean cable routing on any vehicle, whether you go through the hatchback or either side door.

Custom designed and engineered by weBoost, the drive magnetic outside antenna is easily the most powerful antenna for its size. For non-magnetic aluminum rooftops, simply place the adhesive disk on the antenna's base.

Design Features.

Drive Reach is also equipped with the plug in car charger, one that features its very own 5 volt 2.1 amp USB A port. It helps to rapid-charge a smartphone or cellular devices to run apps, stream music or map out your route, all while the Drive Reach is in use.

The built-in car charger's on/off button help us prevent unwanted battery drain when you're away from the vehicle. Like all weBoost products, Drive Reach comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty fully backed by's 60-days money-back guarantee.

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  • The charger feature is a real bonus. I’m always losing my car charger. I’m a lot less likely to lose it since it’s part of the cell phone booster. The installation looks simple enough and I like that the device is affixed by Velcro so you don’t have to damage your interior.

    Jake Mercer on
  • I thought the question was why to buy a cell phone signal booster for your car. The answer is obvious to anyone who drives a lot and has trouble with dropped calls or calls fading in and out. WeBoost looks like it’s worth looking into. I know there are other boosters out there so it’s just one to look at.

    Scott Jamison on
  • I’m interested in a booster that works particularly well in remote areas because that’s where I run into the majority of my problems when I’m using my cell phone in my ride. Sometimes I’ll have problems in the city, but most of my driving is rural so it’s essential I have a strong signal.

    Morley Man on
  • I’ve been using my cell phone in the car more and I’m really starting to appreciate the need for a vehicle cell booster. I was in the drive-through the other day getting a coffee and my call reception started fading out just because I was positioned between a big bush and a brick building. Later, I was driving near the airport and I had the worst feedback from my phone. It’s obvious to me that I need a booster.

    Isaac Brown on
  • The Drive Reach sounds powerful, but I’m concerned about the 50 dB max gain. It sounds like it will reach cell phone towers that are far away, but will I get any feedback with my calls? Don’t want to install this then have to worry about audio quality issues.

    Piotr K. on

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