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Why upgrade weBoost Home Room from Desktop Antenna to Panel Antenna?

Jun 17, 2020

Why upgrade weBoost Home Room from its Desktop Antenna to Panel Antenna? The standard weBoost Home Room (472120) kit comes with a desktop antenna. Watch the video below demonstration to see how it works great for many. However, in many instances, it may be better for some to upgrade to weBoost Home Room kitted with Panel Antenna.

The desktop antenna provides up to +3.4 dB Gain. If signal outside is very weak, the coverage provided by the desktop antenna may be, for example, only the size of a standard table with antenna placed in the center of the table. Under such circumstances, what would you do if coverage area needed is much larger than a simple desktop?

The wall mount Panel antenna (weBoost model # 311135) that comes with upgraded weBoost Home Room offers up to +10.6 dB gain which is more than twice the desktop antenna provides. For more convenience, a wall mounted directional panel antenna would instead cover more area of the room to encompass more cell devices within such a larger space.

An overview of the weBoost Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster (Video):

weBoost Home Room for up to 1500 sq. ft.

What is Homeroom?

Introducing Homeroom, a standard multi-user cell signal booster from weBoost. With Homeroom, there's a more affordable yet effective way to stop the dropped calls, missed texts, slow data speeds and other connectivity issues with any phone across all carriers. Great for improving cell reception in designated areas, Homeroom offers an ideal solution for small homes or apartments with 1,500 square feet in total coverage area.


It features a reliable desktop antenna designed for quick convenient placement on practically any flat surface. While within its broadcast range, everyone will experience increased performance from their phones, tablets or other cell devices due to the enhanced signal, regardless of the carrier they use. With its flat window cable, access to the Homeroom's flat panel outside antenna is easy and doesn't require drilling holes through interior walls.

Installation and mounting.

Using the mounting hardware, the outside antenna gives you different installation options to choose from, along an exterior wall, on a pole, or for a good time saving option, on the roof top vent pipe found on most homes. Start enjoying better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming and fewer dropped calls in the room that needs it most, all with Homeroom by weBoost.

Inside Desktop antenna within the standard kit shown below is easy to install because it only involves placing it on a surface such as a desk or a table. Inside Panel antenna with upgraded kit shown below is fairly easy as well. It involves mounting it on a wall of one side of the room using bracket and mounting hardware provided.

Std. weBoost Home Room Kit with Desktop Antenna

Standard weBoost Home Room Kit
with Desktop Antenna

Upgraded weBoost Home Room Kit with Panel Antenna

Upgraded weBoost Home Room Kit
with Panel Antenna

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  • This is a good lesson on why you should consider getting a cell phone booster professionally installed. You might think everything is set up nicely only to discover you need an upgrade like this. It’s not the end of the world to install an upgrade but a professional install should help make sure everything is done correctly from the start.

    Danny Vallecellio on
  • I wouldn’t know the first thing about desktop antennas or panel antennas, but this article on WeBoost’s signal boosters did help me understand why one works better in some conditions and the other one works better at other times.

    Erick Wilson on
  • Not everyone knows what a cell phone booster is and I’m pretty certain even less people know the difference between a desktop antenna and a panel antenna. I didn’t know they existed but now I feel like I have a good understanding of each and what they do.

    Miley Benedict on

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