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weBoost Home MultiRoom with 2 Interior Antennas Instead of 1.

Jun 18, 2020

Watch video below of weBoost Home Multi-Room that targets specific weak signal areas in home. How to target two interior weak signal areas instead of 1? Buy weBoost Home MultiRoom kit with two inside antennas, instead of one!

How the weBoost Home MultiRoom can improve Weak Signal Areas in Your Home.

What is the Home Multi-Room?

Introducing the Home MultiRoom from weBoost (model number 470144). Are you experiencing dropped calls, slow data speed or other cell connectivity issues on a specific floor or area in your house? Home Multiple Room is the multi-user cell signal booster you have been waiting for. With +65 db max gain, it boosts wireless network speeds across all carriers.

It provides homeowners with extended cell coverage for up to three large rooms up to 5000 square feet, depending on the outside signal conditions. Boasting up to 21 dbm in uplink output power, it can reach far away cell towers at distances as much as 77 percent farther than its predecessor, the Connect 4G. It also delivers up to 121 percent more coverage area than the Connect 4G because of its equally impressive downlink output power, up to 12 dBm.

Benefits of the Home Multi Room signal booster kit.

It is able to prevent overload conditions that would otherwise shut down most other home booster systems when the current outdoor cell signal is too strong. Paired with its exclusive 75 ohm outside directional antenna, it pulls in strong cell signal with increased gain to help overcome poor indoor coverage areas or dead zones within your home.

The finger tightened outdoor antenna clamp is thoughtfully designed for quick, easy and exact adjustment when pointing the antenna towards the strongest signal in the vicinity of your house. The clamp also offers a variety of mounting options, from placing it on a standard antenna pole to securing it on the rooftop vent pipe found atop most homes, or mounting the antenna on the side of a house.

Benefits for devices inside the home.

With the Home MultiRoom in place, everyone using a smartphone or cellular connected device within its range can enjoy fewer dropped calls. It also helps provide better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming and improved hotspot capability.

All these benefits can be realized regardless of which carrier they use - Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T Wireless. Additionally, Sprint customers will enjoy enhanced Sprint LTE signal with the Home Multi-Room’s addition of Band 25.

Design benefits.

More than just a technological breakthrough, it benefits from a sleek design aesthetic that stands apart from most residential cell phone signal boosters. Its high performance proprietary inside panel antenna is another exclusive to the weBoost home product line designed by Wilson engineers and assembled in USA. It is made for easy tool-free installation on any wall vertically or horizontally or even tucked away out of view in attic ceiling.


Using its proprietary user-friendly custom mounting brackets and the included 3M command strips, placement of the inside antenna couldn't be simpler. With its built-in kickstand feature, shelf or counter placement of inside antenna is also possible, delivering added versatility. The booster itself combines elements of cast and powder-coated aluminum, giving the Home Multi-Room its distinct look.

With donor and server antenna ports up top, cable access and organization are an intuitive part of its setup. The booster's customized wall mount bracket is easily secured using the featured 3M command strips or firmly held in place by two screws, all depending on user preference. With its flat window cable, there's no need to drill holes. Accessing outside antenna and connecting it to the booster is just another step in the Home MultiRoom’s tool-free installation process.

Buy weBoost Home MultiRoom and start enjoying better cellular connectivity all across your home.

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  • If you haven’t read many of’s articles, you might think they nickel and dime you on products like other sites (and I’m not just talking about ones that sell signal boosters). If you look at the majority of their products, they work fine “as is.” You can make whatever adjustments to maximize their efficiency and you’re golden. In some cases like the panel antenna, you might have a situation that calls for extra help and that’s where the accessories come in. You’re not paying extra for a useless accessory.

    Deborah M. Goodell on
  • This is a nice-looking set-up. I don’t think I’m in the market for a cell phone booster right now but if I was, I’d want one that doesn’t look gaudy or have a multitude of wires. The Weboost Home Multiroom is attractive and hopefully works as well as it looks.

    Todd Capwell on
  • I’ve always heard people say 2 is better than 1 (unless it’s alimony payments). After reading this, I think I understand why someone with a home signal booster might want 2 antennas to maximize its effect. If you buy a booster, you’ll want it working at peak power.

    Dylan Lang on
  • I know from experience that you can have a bad cell phone signal even when you are in the city or a major suburb. That’s the reason I have been researching cell phone boosters. I have some good coverage in certain parts of my home, and close to no coverage in others, no matter what the weather is. When the weather is bad, every area has bad coverage. If (and more likely when) I get a cell booster, I’m likely going with this model because I think the 2 antennas will help maximize the booster’s power.

    Bill Sandoval on

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