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Review & Testing of weBoost Connect RV 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Jun 19, 2020

In video below, see review of weBoost RV Connect 65 cell phone signal booster after its installation. It is tested to see how much it improves signal reception before and after installing the cellular amplifier kit in an actual recreational vehicle (RV).


Testing the signal.

In above video, we put the Connect RV 65 to the test and see how well our cell signal improves. We currently have our inside antenna, the booster, and the 25-foot telescoping pole with directional antenna set up outside.

Let us begin the test.

First we're going to start with our booster off and see what type of existing signal we have. We're going to do two different types of tests. First is going to be a speed test, and then we're going to do a decibel reading. First, we're going to use a speed test app to test the existing cell signal. Here outside Crestview, our download speed without our booster on was 1.16 megabytes, and our upload speed was only 0.54. Therefore, it is really, really terrible cell signal.

Now we're going to test it with the booster on. Upon turning it on, almost immediately, we see a dramatic improvement in the download speed. Originally without the booster on, we had about 1.1 megabits per second. Now with our booster on, we're actually getting 9 to 11 megabits per second download, which is ten times more than we did without the booster on.

Getting a decibel reading.

Now that we completed our speed test, we're going to put our phone into field test mode, and get a decibel reading. Decibel readings are actually the most accurate way of measuring cell phone signal. Right now, we have our booster off. We're going to put our phone into the field test mode and test how strong the signal is.

Therefore, in our main menu, we're going to LTE. Then we're going to Serving Cell Measure. Then we're going to be reading the RSRP0 number. Right now with the booster off, our number is around -117. Once you get into the -120 range, your cell phone signal is actually unusable. Now, we're going to turn our cell phone booster on and see how much the sound signal actually improves.

Almost immediately, when the cell phone booster was turned on, my cell signal went from -117 to -94, which is a dramatic improvement.

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