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weBoost Drive Reach Car Truck RV Marine Cell Booster Versions

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Drive Reach (USA model number 470154, Canada model number 650154) is weBoost’s most powerful, in-vehicle cell phone signal booster yet. With its increased uplink output, users get signal up to 2X farther from towers with over twice the signal strength - signifying an increase of almost 5 dB in uplink output power. The sleek, metallic red exterior of the Drive Reach isn’t just for show. The unique fin design increases surface area - displacing excess heat for peak performance. The custom bracket allows for under seat or in-trunk mount options. Reliable SMB connections on the booster make secure antenna installation a snap. CLA power cord features a USB-A port for rapid phone charging. With its enhanced 4G/LTE coverage, enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster data speeds, and extended battery life. Drive Reach simultaneously boosts cell signal for multiple users. Easy to follow instructions ensure hassle-free setup. Set the Drive Reach into its bracket and mount, plug it into the car’s power supply, place the magnetic roof antenna, and get on the road to better signal. In comparison, the only difference between the base Drive Reach model and the Drive Reach OTR vs. Drive Reach Marine models is that the latter two have optional trucker antenna, and marine antenna, respectively, which are more suitable for trucks and marine vessels like boats and ships, respectively. 

Drive Reach Fleet (US model # 470254, CDN model # 650254) is weBoost’s most powerful, in-vehicle cell signal booster with permanently fixed antenna. Designed for use in law enforcement, government, or commercial fleet vehicles, Drive Reach Fleet delivers a game-changing level of uplink output power - up to 29.5 dBm. With this 5 dB increase in signal output, Drive Reach Fleet effortlessly provides your team with the enhanced signal strength needed to communicate and stay connected when it matters most. The Drive Reach Fleet boosts voice and data signal for multiple users and cellular-connected devices simultaneously within the fleet vehicle. This kit uses a high-performance NMO antenna, which REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. The Drive Reach Fleet enhances all available wireless network signals and speeds with 50 dB system gain - the maximum allowed by the FCC. USA Drive Reach kits are compatible with all major U.S. mobile carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more. Canadian Drive Reach kits are compatible with all Canadian cellular service providers including Telus, Rogers, Bell, Freedom Mobile, and all others.