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BDA installation service by certified and experienced BDA installers

Nov 27, 2018

BDA installation service by certified and experienced BDA installers specializes in planning, engineering, installation, and maintenance of bi-directional antenna systems (BDA).

Why use

Looking for the best Bi-directional amplifier installation service? Our certified BDA installation team has vast experience and an enduring reputation for high quality and cost-effective BDA system deployment. They have received extensive training on designing and implementation, as well as on safety. Users deserve to know they can trust our expertise in handling wireless signal amplifying equipment. Supply us with your requirements for a quote to do a survey, design, and deployment of the highest quality system at the most affordable cost for your business.

What are the benefits of using

We have nationwide BDA installing teams consisting of insured, licensed and certified BDA installers. They are always ready to install any signal enhancement system you might want in a professional manner. We can install BDA equipment in both USA and Canada. Our certified installers are wired and wireless networking technicians that have the skills needed to install cellular boosting systems properly and professionally with minimal disruption to your business operations. They are experienced in designing multiple BDA networks that enhance reception to varied types of spaces with signals that are either limited or blocked. As a result of the team's experience and knowledge, their skill and expertise is one of a kind in the industry.

Besides performing a site survey properly, determining the proper installation for customers, and troubleshooting installation scenarios, the team understands the full range of bidirectional amplifying products, connectors, cables, antennas and amplifiers and will install a solution that will achieve maximum performance. These professionals have been certified by or at respective manufacturer training facilities after being trained and tested. They can also provide iBwave Design for the signal booster system. This is the industry standard for designing the most cost effective and efficient wireless networks for indoor use.

Site surveys done in USA and Canada.

We have the capabilities to perform site surveys nationwide across USA and Canada. Most BDA manufacturers recommend that site surveys be done for commercial applications before the BDA solution is sold. This means the customer can be sure of receiving the appropriate unit and that it will be installed properly and effectively. The objective is finding out where to place external antennas, identifying which type of internal and external antennae are required, and selecting the right commercial BDA or industrial BDA for the project. It is highly recommended that users complete a questionnaire (link at bottom) to ensure that the right information has been provided for the location.

Nevertheless, customers with small offices or homes can easily be shown how to perform a site survey correctly. If a building or home to be covered is bigger than 10,000 square feet, we recommend that a certified installer does the site survey professionally at your home or office in either Canada or United States.

Cleaner BDA Installs.

Once the survey has been done, the right solution can be determined by using the site survey information to design the best boosting solution needed to address wireless reception challenges in the building fully. Our certified cell phone signal booster installers will identify the best location for placing the cellular booster(s) and also determine AC power requirements and provide for occasional access for maintenance. With the quote approved, completion time will depend on the square footage that has to be boosted. Our certified installers will ensure signal amplification is achieved in the required areas. Installations are done clean with wiring being camouflaged and blended to keep the original aesthetics intact.

BDA Post-Installation Care.

Carrier compliance and acceptable signal transmission will be ensured post installation with remote monitoring implemented where applicable. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all phone booster installations performed by us.

If you align yourself with installers, you will be using mobile amplifiers manufactured by innovative companies. All BDA hardware we supply is approved and certified by Industry Canada (IC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), respectively.'s top amplifiers are made for fast 4G and LTE, and have a return rate of 1% or less. You will also receive access to a responsive technical and sales support team.

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  • I don’t know much about cell phone boosters and similar equipment for improving your cell phone signal or wi-fi signal, but I do know that is the only company I’ve ever heard of when it comes to sales and installation.

    Thelma Hedgepeth on
  • I think it’s cool that you can get a site survey when you’re getting a DAS installation. It makes sense to plan before you get the equipment installed. It’s also practical to get the post-installation care so you know things were done right and they’re going to go smoothly from there.

    Aleksandar Sandberg on
  • I know some people think they can install anything whether they have the electronics knowledge or they feel they can watch an online video to do so. When it comes to BDA installation and BDA requirements, I’m hiring a professional. I don’t need any headaches and I want the equipment to work the way it’s supposed to.

    Cheryl Hoover on

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