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BDA System Design and Installation Service by Expert Installers

Oct 22, 2018

BDA System Design and Installation Service by Expert Installers

What are BDA systems, and what do they do?

BDA stands for Bi-Directional Amplifier. BDA systems increase mobile signal strength wherever it is weak or non-existent due to building materials, distance from cell towers, or obstructions such as other buildings that prevent wireless connectivity with nearest cell tower. There're two types of BDA's - Consumer/Commercial and Public Safety. Consumer and Commercial BDAs improve standard consumer smartphone wireless network coverage indoors whereas Public Safety BDAs improve in-building first responder radio signal coverage.

How can we help with your BDA system? designs BDA systems, installs them, as well as services and maintains them. Submit BDA installation service questionnaire so that we may provide quotation to meet your needs whether boosting consumer or commercial cellular signals or public safety band radio signals for first responders.

Why trust us with your BDA installation?

Our certified installation team has a longstanding reputation and vast experience in high quality, cost-effective installations of bi-directional amplifier systems in buildings. Our installers have received extensive training on both installation and safety. End users deserve to know that they can trust our skill and expertise in handling in-building amplifying equipment.

Insured/Bonded and Certified/Licensed.

Our nationwide in-building installation team consists of insured, licensed and certified BDA installers. They are ready to install any signal enhancing system in your building in a professional manner. We can schedule installations of cell phone boosters in buildings in USA and Canada. Our certified installers have the qualifications needed to perform in-building installations correctly and professionally, while causing minimal disruptions to your business. These experienced individuals will design cellular boosting systems for buildings that enhances reception to diverse types of cellular and wi-fi covered spaces that receive either limited or blocked signal. This vast knowledge and experience, and their skill and expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

Experienced in BDA pre-install surveys, design, installation, maintenance.

Apart from technical knowledge, our BDA installers have plenty of experience to perform site surveys properly, determine the proper installation solution for a customer, and troubleshoot specific installation scenarios. They understand the full range of cell phone booster products, connectors, cables, antennas, amplifiers and can install these in buildings to achieve maximum performance. These certified professionals have gone through training and tests to be qualified as in-building system integrators. We also provide iBwave Design for the signal booster system in your building. iBwave Design is the industry standard for designing the most effective and cost efficient in-building wireless networks.

Swift, Neat, and Least Disruptive Installations.

We know businesses must continue operations and therefore we pride ourselves in working swiftly with with minimal to no disruption to businesses. Most businesses continue business as usual while we finish up our integration and installation. Certified in-building cell phone signal booster installers will identify the best locations to mount the cellular boosters, while also looking at AC power required and occasional access for potential maintenance. The system will be installed and deployed by certified installers. The RF technicians will make sure signal amplification coverage is achieved in the designated areas. All installations are clean with wiring subtly camouflaged and blended to maintain original aesthetics.

Outstanding Post-Installation Support.

Once the BDA system has been installed in the building, we will ensure acceptable signal transmission and carrier compliance. Carrier registration and remote monitoring will be provided if required. All boosting equipment we supply for installation in buildings is certified and approved by Industry Canada (IC) in Canada, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in USA. Our amplifiers provide fast 4G and LTE speeds, and have a reduced return rate of less than 1%. You will also receive access to a responsive tech and sales support team. Choose for affordable yet fast and effective BDA installation at your building.

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  • I like that your certified installation for bi-directional amplifiers is more than just putting one in. The installation includes pre-installation planning (which should be mandatory as far as I’m concerned) and post-installation support. That saying you get what you pay for sounds like it applies here as you get everything you need to make sure your cell signals are coming in and going out strong.

    Bill Feliz on
  • Considering the NFPA BDA requirements, I’d go with a pro installer because I want everything to go smoothly and the installers are bonded. If anything goes wrong, I’ll have someone to go to for liability. I understand these systems can be helpful for any building with cell phone reception problems and I’d want to have it done right rather than fussing around myself.

    Rambling Rich on
  • I wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to das requirements and I can’t imagine many laymen do. You can certainly read up on it here, but it seems like a case where you have to be an expert at this or you’ll have to call one in. I’ll go for the second option.

    Travis Lord on

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