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Best Over The Road (OTR) Truck Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Aug 19, 2021

Best Over The Road (OTR) Truck Cell Phone Signal Boosters

There're numerous cellular signal boosters available that have specifically been designed for use in vehicles, including cars, boats, trucks and recreational vehicles (RVs). Although trucks is included in the list, the vehicle signal boosters on the market are meant for smaller pickup trucks, rather than huge semi-trucks used by professional truckers and long distance haulers. Then the question arises, "Which is the best Over The Road (OTR) truck cell phone signal booster?".

Here's your answer: Best Off Road Truck Cellular Boosters

Although the standard signal boosters for vehicles would work in large trucks, they won't always be very effective, simply because it is difficult to mount the antenna in such a position that it will ensure maximum cell signal boost on the road, highway, or freeway. Taller the outside antenna, more the clearance it gets to catch signals from farther away like our suggested signal boosters for fire department rescue vehicles and fire-trucks.

This situation has been changed with new truck cell signal boosters that have a tall or long exterior trucker antenna. Truck Cradle Cell Signal Booster boosts cell signal to a single cell device whereas Truck Wireless Cell Signal Booster boosts cell signal to multiple cell devices simultaneously. These are great cell phone boosters for pickup trucks as well as large trucks.

They been designed specifically for professional truck drivers to enable them to experience faster media streaming and data speeds, faster data uploads and downloads, fewer lost connections and improved call quality when on the road.

The powerful 4G in-vehicle cradle cell phone signal booster for semi-trucks includes a cradle that utilizes coupling technology to enhance 3G and 4G LTE cellular signals. Even more powerful 4G in-vehicle wireless signal booster includes an interior slim antenna that can be conveniently placed on the dashboard, side of the seat, etc. to boost reception in truck cabin to boost reception for multiple cell devices such as phones and tablets upto four feet from it.

With which carriers and phones will the signal booster work?

Both OTR cell phone signal boosters have been approved by both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada and is compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in both these countries. It is available as two separate versions – one for use in Canada, and other for use in USA.

The U.S. version of respective booster will work with all cell service providers in America, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The Canadian version will work with all cell service providers in Canada, including Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Freedom Mobile and Bell.

As mentioned before, the cradle signal booster can only handle a single device at a time and the device has to be placed in the cradle for its signal to be boosted. The cradle can be adjusted to take any cellular device that uses a SIM card, including smartphones and mobile hotspot devices such as Jet Pack, MiFi, etc. Multiple device wireless signal booster can boost four up to such devices simultaneously! Both these Over The Road cell phone signal boosters boost signal reception inside semi-trucks with a stronger connection to the respective network's cell tower.

How do they work?

Both type OTR cell boosters use powerful exterior antenna to find cellphone tower signals, be they weak or strong. These signals are then transmitted to the signal booster situated in the cab of the semi-truck. The booster uses a sequence of refined low noise filters and amplifiers to boost each of the frequency bands supported. The amplified signal is then sent to the cradle in case of cradle booster, or to interior antenna in case of the wireless signal booster. This enables the user to use the stronger signal for clearer call quality and faster data. The same process is used in reverse when the cell phone sends an outgoing signal to the cell tower.

How are OTR cell phone signal boosters different from other vehicle signal boosters?

Using "normal" vehicle signal boosters in a semi-truck poses a problem in that it is difficult to mount antenna in such a way that it will get maximum cell signal boost. This problem has been addressed by adding two unique features to these Over The Road Cell Signal Boosters.

Many trucks have citizen band (CB) antenna mounting points built into them and companies with big fleets often add CB side mounts to their trucks. These OTR cell phone boosters come complete with a side exit adapter that allows antenna to be used with standard CB antenna mounts. If the truck has caged mirrors or other similar configurations, the side exit adapter need not be used, as the bottom cable exit will be more suitable.

Different truck models need different locations to install the antenna. The OTR boosters have been designed in a modular way that allows 4G antenna to be configured specifically for each truck. Antenna mast extensions are provided, allowing truckers the antenna length to be extended as needed so that the antenna can be positioned above the truck cab to ensure maximum cell signal boost.

What are the benefits of the OTR cell signal boosters?

  1. Reception is improved due to the strong connection to the nearest cell tower.
  2. Extends cell device's battery life due to device not having to search for signal constantly.
  3. Eliminates dropped calls.
  4. Coverage space inside the truck is increased.
  5. Text messages delivered faster.
  6. Clear voice calls on wireless phones.
  7. Dead zones reduced or eliminated.
  8. Mobile data uploaded & downloaded faster.

How should I install OTR 4G cell phone booster kits?

Installation consists of easy steps that are described in detail in the user manual provided. Experienced DIY enthusiasts should be able to do this by themselves. If you are unsure of whether you have the skills or not, let our qualified installation technicians install the booster for you.

  1. Select mounting location.
  2. Assemble the antenna to be suitable for the specific truck.
  3. Mount the antenna with the hardware provided.
  4. Route the antenna cable inside truck.
  5. Connect to parts as shown in manual depending upon type of booster.
  6. Connect the system to power.
  7. Enjoy strong cell phone signal.


Strong connection means fewer missed or dropped calls, fewer incoherent conversations, and fewer Internet hang-ups, freezing, or buffering. For trucks carrying heavy loads, equipment, and supplies - It is a risky proposition to travel on the roads, highways, and freeways - without a powerful truck cellphone signal booster installed. Enjoy clear voice conversations, instantaneous texting, and fast 3G + 4G LTE mobile internet downloads and uploads by installing the OTR cell phone signal amplifier kit in your semi-truck.

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  • All my OTR trucker friends love using their cell phones. It’s got to be boring on the road and for some people, it’s probably lonely (although some of my friends love the open highway). I could see where anyone who is an OTR driver would want a truck cell phone booster not only to keep in touch with their loved ones but for safety reasons.

    Rick Acevado on
  • Can I use this to get my Apple TV signal?

    Craig on
  • Thank you Babydoll! Awesome writing – my husband drives a truck and his cell service is sometimes really sketchy. And you are correct – people texting while driving their cars is rampant. He sees them every day!

    Barbi on
  • This is in response to Yousef…no one is talking about semi driver’s trying to use a phone while driving. In fact 8 out of every 10 cars (4 wheelers as we call you) is texting, looking at Facebook or other social media, talking, trying to look at Waze or otherwise using their phone as you pass us, cut us off because you forgot your exit or try to merge on the highway (another topic altogether). Most drivers are away from home for months at a time. That means our phones or tablets are our only mode of communication with shippers and receivers, dispatch, road assist, other drivers and family (whom we miss terribly) it is also our only source for weather, traffic, road closures and news. Not to mention when, after working 14 hours and taking a shower in a public place and eating (probably subway for the 10th day in a row) we have the right to relax and watch a movie or TV show. It is extremely frustrating, after all that, to not have coverage. I am sure you made your comment because you assume the trucker has a similar life as you do. But every truck you see on the road is a person who has been working long before you joined the roadway, hasn’t been home in weeks, misses their family and has sacrificed a “normal” life so people like yourself can get in your car, drive to the store and purchase what you need. So you’re welcome, it is our pleasure to be the silent heroes on the road and I will be sure to honk and wave as I drive by with my signal booster kicking!

    Babydoll on
  • I have that antenna mounted on my ram 4×4. It’s a truck built for the deepest most dence off road in Alaska. not to play. To live. No roads. U make it each time you leave for supplies what I need is the booster that mounts to that antenna. Where can I get just that

    Robert Edgemon on
  • Oh wonderful, a cell phone booster for over-the-road truck drivers. A cell phone booster for home is one thing, but I don’t like the idea of tractor trailer drivers using their cell phones, even when it’s hands-free. The roads are dangerous enough with some of these amateur-hour truckers cutting you off, speeding, or swerving (or all three). Add in a distracted driver and there’s going to be some major carnage on our highways. Just a bad idea in my humble but wise opinion.

    Yusef Koloff on
  • If I was driving a semi, I’d want a reliable means of keeping in touch, especially when I was driving through remote areas. I don’t know what the deal is with CB radios but over the road truckers like to use cell phones, the problem being how to call when you’re in a dead zone where you can’t get a cell phone signal. That’s where a semi truck cell phone booster would come in handy. I know there are cell phone antennas for cars so this sounds similar except the antenna requirements and placement for a semi truck.

    Jen Swanson on
  • When I talk with my friends who are over-the-road truck drivers, I’m amazed at the demands they must do their job. They drive across the country, often in unfamiliar places with no resource other than a radio (and increasingly) a cell phone. I know I’ve looked for the best cell phone booster for my car because I’ve had situations where cell phone coverage has been spotty or nonexistent (sometimes even in places where it should be good such as in a city). My OTR trucker friends must go crazy when they don’t have a reliable signal so it’s no wonder they’ve looked into 4G cell boosters. A semi truck cell phone booster sounds like a lifeline for OTR truckers and this article explains the other benefits such as fast texts, longer battery life, etc. If my friend doesn’t have a trucker cell phone booster, I’m going to make sure he gets one.

    Carl Andover on
  • I’ve seen people talk about buying cell phone boosters for their car and others discussing rv cell phone boosters because what good are our cell phones if we can’t get a signal while we’re driving? What are we going to do, try and find a phone booth? LOL. Cell phone signals can get weakened from things like trees, hills, etc. so while we’re driving, we might not get a good signal, even if we’re near a tower. A cell phone booster takes the existing signal and strengthens it so you get a good signal. If you drive an over-the-road truck, you know how busy things are and how crucial reliable communication is. Over-the-road truck drivers are looking for semi truck cell phone boosters as they become aware of the benefits of cell phone boosters for truckers—things like clear calls, reduction in dropped calls, and fast data speeds.

    Kyle Simpson on

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