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California Home in a Canyon Picks SureCall Booster.

May 16, 2017

California Home in a Canyon Picks SureCall Booster.

A Case Study.

A home business operator chose SureCall FlexPro to increase cellular coverage in his home located in a canyon in San Carlos, San Mateo County, California.

Customer Details.

The client has operated his business from home for over two decades. Since his home is located in the heart of a canyon, cellular signal has never been received inside his home. Yet his business communication with clients in the real estate and making appointments require a working connection. For years, he has been stepping outside the house to make calls on his phone and could not use his computer in the office to enhance his home inspections. The work from home client wanted a wireless signal booster that would enhance voice data networks inside his home office to improve communication on the cell phone and browsing on PC.

Major Concern.

Find a cellular signal booster solution that improves cellular reception inside his home for voice and data networks.

Proposed Solution.

After a neighbor had indicated how the installation of a cellular booster had improved his reception, the client researched a number of signal boosters and went for one from SureCall. His choice was based on the top quality metal design of the booster and added bonus accessories in contrast with other choices out there. The SureCall FlexPro he chose also came with adjustable dials that would come in handy whenever attenuation was required, or simply bring the power of the amplifier down. The 3-year SureCall FlexPro warranty was also something he appreciated just in case anything happened.

About the Client.

The client has worked for two decades in the San Francisco Peninsula as a property inspector and a holder of general contracting license that allows him to be a home remodeling specialist.

About SureCall.

With multi-patents for diverse cell phone signal boosters, SureCall is a signal booster manufacturer and one of the leaders in the industry. Its innovative designs and top technology has resulted in award winning amplifiers that enhance 2G voice, 3G, and 4G data networks. SureCall signal boosters are extensively used to enhance wireless reception in business, vehicles and homes.

Post Installation Results.

  • Can make and receive business calls inside the house.
  • Cell phone coverage across home has increase for all members of the family.
  • Coverage has now been felt in his home office after 20 years.
  • Cell phone and PC usage now possible inside the house.


Facing similar challenges of cellular reception inside your home, business or car? has all the solutions you need as an authorized SureCall installer, dealer and retailer. All we need would be your requirements and details of your location to provide you with the perfect mobile signal enhancing solution. Proposal would also include quote on equipment needed and installation details.

SOURCE: Originally posted at SURECALL.COM. Modified to highlight SureCall signal boosting products were used for installation. was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.

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  • I’m somewhat surprised this homeowner was able to get a signal, but that shows you how much cell phone boosters can help. I’ve been told as long as there’s a signal (even a weak one), the booster will get you going. I guess this story supports the idea.

    Debbie Fletcher on
  • That home in a canyon must be sweet—that is except for the lousy cell phone reception. It’s hard to imagine life without having my smart phone connected to the outside world. That’s why this person was wise to get a cell phone booster. I’d like to know what led them to the SureCall Flex Pro? Did they read some Surecall reviews or know someone who had a Surecall Fusion 4 home? Glad to see they are back in business with their cell phone booster.

    Ray Bergen on
  • A cell phone signal booster can help here, as long as you get some kind of signal. From what I’ve read, as long as you get some kind of cell phone signal, the cell phone signal booster will amplify your cell phone’s signal strength so you have fast data speed, reliable connections, and clear receptions. This story looks like it confirms my knowledge.

    P.J. Cunningham on
  • I noticed this elsewhere, but it bears repeating. There are many different circumstances affecting business owners and their cellular coverage. Here, I can’t imagine even being able to receive a cellular signal in a canyon. It doesn’t seem possible, even with the abundance of cellular towers and sophistication of phones. These cellular signal boosters seem like a lifesaver for small and big businesses.

    Morgan Matthews on

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