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Cell Phone Signal Booster with Integrated Exterior Antenna & Amplifier

Aug 07, 2021

SolidRF SpeedPro Cell phone signal booster has integrated weatherproof exterior antenna and signal amplifier in a single unit. This results in a reduction of signal loss because no cable needs to be connected between exterior antenna and signal amplifier, which is a norm in other cellular booster kits.

Why Speed Pro?

A powered outside amplifier with multiple integrated antenna eliminates insertion loss and maximizes the signal speed.

Simplified installation.

Outside antenna is easily mounted on your home facing the nearest cellular tower, connected by an LM-240 cable to a centrally located inside antenna. That is all there is to it. No separate cellular amplifier to install, no extra cable / wire to run to connect to it. Signal amplifier is already integrated into the exterior antenna panel.

Multiple integrated antenna technology.

The all-new multiple integrated antenna technology allows the Speed Pro cell phone booster to catch weaker signals over longer distances than ever before, even for homes located six to nine miles away from the nearest cellular tower. It is akin to having four exterior antennas to draw four times more reception from nearest cell phone tower.

Antennas are calibrated.

With the new unique technology of quad antennas built into single outside antenna box, each of the four antennas within exterior antenna box panel is calibrated for a specific provider frequency such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. Therefore, it reduces noise flow and allows for a greater signal boost and higher speeds throughout your home.

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  • Some people complain about having to fine tune their cell phone signal boosters but I look at the situation as similar to anything having to do with electronics. You can just use things at the bare minimum (like a sound bar) or adjust it for maximum potential. Cell boosters are no different whether it’s doing a soft install or using an extra antenna.

    Paul Hewitt on
  • From all the reading I’ve done, a good antenna and good positioning of the antenna is crucial to maximizing your cell booster’s effectiveness. After watching some installation videos and reading articles about installing them, I’d rather pick up a combo package with a booster and installation all in one price. That way the installer could make sure the antenna is just right and test it for me.

    Charles Turner on

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