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Calls Ok but Data Slow? Fix Cell Signal Quality with ERT Booster Solution

Aug 06, 2021

Calls Ok but Data Slow? Fix Cell Signal Quality with ERT Booster Solution

Calls Okay, but Data Slow? Fix Cell Phone SIGNAL QUALITY with ERT Booster Solution.

You have probably been in a situation where you are somewhere where you can make phone calls with a cellular phone without a problem, and the call quality is very good and does not drop, but when you try to send data from the same place at the same time, be it trying to connect to the internet or sending or receiving text messages, it simply does not work, or the connection is very slow.

If you experience the scenario described above, and you check the signal strength in the area by looking at the bars on your phone, you will probably find that you have a good number of bars, say between 3 and 5. While most people think that the number of bars measuring signal strength automatically means that you will be able to make clear calls AND your data speed data speed for internet browsing and texting will be good, this is clearly not the case.

In this article we will have a look at another factor that determines how good cell phone connectivity really is, and what you can do to improve it. This measurement is known as the signal speed or more precisely, the signal quality. It is different from the signal strength which is indicated by the number of bars on your smartphone.

Understanding signal speed / quality and signal strength.

Although signal strength is important, the cellular signals our devices use are affected by electromagnetic noise. This noise is ever present and is typically caused by thermal noise, manmade objects, cosmic and atmospheric objects, and channel interferences. If there's too much of this noise around, it will ultimately overpower the actual cellular signal we use to communicate with our devices, no matter how strong the signal is. Even if the bars on your cell phone shows a signal strength of 5 bars, enough noise will affect the signal speed or signal quality so much that the signal will become virtually useless.

SINR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) is used to measure signal quality and it is calculated using the logarithmic ratio of signal strength to noise strength. A high Signal-to-Noise Ratio, i.e. the strength of the signal is higher than the strength of the noise, offers better data speeds and signal quality, while a low Signal-to-Noise Ratio affects data speeds negatively. It should be noted that this is true irrespective of the strength of the prevailing signal.

As such, to boost cellular data speeds, better SINR or signal quality must be maximized. This can be done either by enhancing the signal strength for those with only 1 to 2 bars, or by reducing noise.

Signal Quality vs Signal Strength Ratio

Can Signal quality be boosted?

Signal quality can indeed be boosted by using Extended Range Technology (ERT) and Double Power Technology (DPT). SureCall has pioneered with exclusively patented ERT in their in-vehicle ERT signal boosters and patented DPT in-vehicle & in-building DPT signal boosters. ERT and DPT allows SureCall signal boosters to offer additional critical performance benefits on cell phone signals including twice the uplink power, downlink gain, and higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SINR) - particularly for multiple users, signal speed and signal quality. The boosters also ensure that the connection stays robust even with weak signals outside that create dead zones inside.

How does ERT enhance Signal Quality?

ERT in SureCall signal boosters enhances the quality of the incoming cell phone signal by rearranging the booster's components. SNR-measured signal quality within the system is for example elongated forward via cable lines and boosted right into a mobile device. As SNR or SINR is increased, so is the speed.

Uplink signals leaving the phone travel to the booster and from there to the cellular tower closest to the device. ERT ensures that the signal is amplified more than what is possible with any other cellular signal boosting system available today. This allows users to remain connected to the Internet and receive texts and calls in areas that are normally troublesome. The range of cell phone signal boosters used for vehicle, such as the Fusion2Go Max and N-Range, fast data, text and clear voice calls are assured even where indoor dead zones have been confirmed, and at locations with weak signal.

Rather than using a bigger booster with additional expensive equipment that enhances the signal quality, ERT ensures that noise is reduced effectively, enabling fast, reliable and robust connections.

How Does ERT Booster Enhance Signal Quality?


Once you understand the difference between signal speed/quality and signal strength, and know how these affect the way your mobile devices communicate, purchasing a cellular booster system that works effectively will be much easier. The trick is not to place too much emphasis on the signal bars on your phone, but also look at speed tests.

To check if your booster gives you the value you deserve, perform speed tests of your Internet by streaming videos or using apps such as SpeedOf or Speedtest. The unique benefits of ERT boosters are mainly noticeable in areas that have dead zones in-building or in-vehicle, and with weaker reception where signal speed is often overwhelmed by noise.

How can we help?

If your cellular data speed is slow despite installation of a cell booster system, you're not alone. While some signal booster systems and distributed antenna systems (DAS) amplify the signal strength, they will also amplify the signal noise to a great extent. The key is to filter the noise to boost cellular data speed while simultaneously increasing signal strength. Submit details to schedule a site survey so we can show you how we can improve your mobile data wireless transfer speed to maximum levels. With a good Signal to Noise ratio, you and your employees will enjoy fast cell data speeds and your clients or cutomers will save precious time with lightning fast wireless telecom downloads on any service provider's telecommunication network.

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  • This describes my problem. My call quality is fairly good and dropped calls are rare. Data on the other hand is a problem. I frequently experience problems downloading things, watching videos, sending emails, and getting texts. I’m going to have to look for more information on ERT Boosters/

    Darnell Ayala on

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