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Can I install outside antenna in attic? Signal booster installation tips.

Aug 05, 2021

Can I install outside antenna in attic? Signal booster installation tips.

Installing Signal Booster External Antenna in Attic.

See how to install cell phone signal booster exterior antenna in an attic properly. Important considerations discussed for installing external cellular amplifier antenna in attics.

Many customers ask us whether external cell phone signal booster antenna can be mounted in an Attic instead of on top of the roof. If it is merely due to the convenience factor of installation, then we do not recommend it because roofing materials will reduce effectiveness of the signal booster system. However, check out situations when you may truly need to install an external antenna in your attic and some possible drawbacks. We will also provide tips on how to install your exterior antenna in your attic correctly.


Yes, you can certainly install your outside antenna in your attic. This isn't the recommended location for installation but it may be necessary based on your particular installation. To install your antenna in an attic, follow the same steps as if you are mounting it on the roof but instead mount it to one of the rafters facing the direction of the nearest cell tower. An exterior antenna will function just fine and it will work like normal.

Disadvantages of mounting antenna in attic: Blocked signal to some extent.

However, there are a few drawbacks to mounting antenna in this way. Roofing materials like shingles, concrete and especially metal roofing can significantly weaken or sometimes completely block the signal from passing through. Therefore, we recommend conducting a soft install and make sure everything is working properly and you're getting adequate signal in your attic before you mount the antenna there permanently.

Disadvantages of mounting antenna in attic: Antenna separation concern.

Installing external antenna inside the building moves it closer and eliminates the shielding between the two antennas created by the roofing material. Therefore, you will need to be particularly aware of antenna separation. Make sure you have enough distance between the two antennas for your booster to work properly.

Reasons you need to mount exterior antenna in your attic.

What are some situations when you may truly need to install outside antenna in the attic? Well, if you cannot access the roof or do not have access to the roof, you will not be able to get on the roof to mount it on the roof nor on an exterior wall. Therefore, mounting in your attic is going to be the next best thing. Another instance may be that you're renting the place, and not allowed or cannot make permanent alterations to the house like installing a pole to mount outside antenna.

Mounting in the rafters is a semi-permanent installation and allows you to take the antenna with you when you leave. Sometimes you may run into the situation where you're getting too strong of a signal outside. Mounting outside antenna in the attic ironically helps in such a situation and allows the signal to be weakened by the roofing materials. This actually would help the signal booster to work at maximum performance. However, you need to make sure that you are getting some signal passing through into the attic.


In summary, we do recommend mounting it on the roof but we just want to let you know that mounting it in an attic in some situations is indeed an option if it is necessary. Watch the video provided above for more details and illustration on how to mount your cell phone signal booster antenna in your attic in the best manner to make the most of your cell phone signal booster sysyem.

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  • Or like myself, you live in a community with HOA covenants that prohibit anything visible being installed above the roofline.

    Miles H Mauldin on
  • I asked myself why anyone would want to install an outside antenna indoors (mostly because it seems like an oxymoron) but apparently there are some good reasons. What surprised me was that it can still help out (although the roofing material will block its effectiveness somewhat). I wonder what other exceptions there are for things like putting an outside antenna indoors?

    J.M. O’Hara on

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