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Cellular innovations include signal boosters - A must-have accessory.

Jul 09, 2018

Cellular innovations include signal boosters - A must-have accessory.

Why have cell phone signal boosters become so important today, and who really needs them?

Owning a cell phone today is not a luxury - it is a necessity for most people (dubbed as the the 4th utility). And, as much as we need electricity, gas, and water, so too do we need Internet for our entertainment, news, our play, and our work. Today we lead very mobile lives, and for many reasons it has become imperative that we have easy access to a reliable cell phone signal. Today, however, modern infrastructures constructed with energy-saving materials are impeding cellular reception. And, the problem increases when there are multiple floors involved.

  • Many homes today are only using cellular phones (no landlines) which means that these people are relying entirely on their cellular phones for communication. For many reasons, including safety, cell signal reception becomes vitally important.
  • Dropped calls is just one aspect of unreliable cell signal, but this is not the only problem. Some people have no reception inside their office or home at all.
  • In today's business world the 9-to-5 work-day scenario simply doesn't exist anymore. People are doing business everywhere and at any time. It is simply not "good business" when poor signal strength interferes with your work productivity. With unreliable cell signal your productivity is reduced, your level of service is reduced, and your customers won't be too impressed, thus damaging your sales and brand image.
  • If you have teenagers you probably have more than one cell phone in your home. The larger the home, the more areas there are to block cell phone signal. Today's modern homes have basements with thick concrete walls that block signals, while others have clay roofs, plaster walls, and more modern building materials like insulation, roof membranes, and low-E glass.

All above scenarios require an indispensable cell phone accessory - a signal booster. It is required not only to achieve reliable cell signal just for conversing and staying connected to news and events, etc., but also to ensure the safety of people within buildings.

First responders require reliable cell phone signal to do their jobs efficiently, and this means having good signal coverage throughout an entire building. Not only inside homes and offices, but it is also needed inside cars, trucks, RVs for people to be able to summon help on the road, whenever needed in an even of an accident or medical emergency.

Our cell phones have become the centerpiece for all our content, both business and pleasure. Most of us have become entirely dependent on our mobile phones. A cell phone signal booster empowers people because they know they have access to reliable and quality signal and they will never miss an important email, phone call, or news item again.

A cell phone signal booster is the perfect way to improve not only the reliability but also the quality of the cell signal you receive in your building or vehicle. Therefore, they have become a very useful and important cell phone accessory in this day and age. With highest ever cell phone penetration percentage in North America, their use is universal across all demographics and practically everyone can benefit from them.

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  • I’d say that cell phone signal boosters are the biggest innovations as far as accessories go. There’s no arguing that the new generations of phones are bigger innovations, but when it comes to accessories, nothing comes close

    Norm Tyler on
  • “My biggest concern is buying one only for it not to improve my cell phone like it promises to do.”
    John, your concerns are valid. If you’re thinking about buying a cell phone booster because of the problems you have, you should look around. I believe many cell phone boosters come with guarantees such as 90-day satisfaction guarantees. If you buy one with a guarantee, you can try it at home and see if it does what it says it’s supposed to do.

    Arnie Griswald on
  • I think this article should be “Cellular Innovations Include Signal Boosters-A Necessary Evil.” People use cell phones on a regular basis now (although you occasionally run into someone who either doesn’t have one or only uses it as an emergency backup—although those are rare) which means they expect to get the same call quality as traditional land lines. The reality as we know is terribly different. Cell phones are often unreliable, which means many people still pay for landlines because they don’t feel they can trust their cell phones to work in an emergency. I’m from that camp and have thought about getting a signal booster. My biggest concern is buying one only for it not to improve my cell phone like it promises to do.

    John Cohen on
  • I wish people didn’t have to buy signal boosters to ensure clear communication with their cell phones. Cell phones should work on their own, but like the old TVs, people often had to rely on antennas to get a strong signal. That’s how I look at cell phone boosters, they’re a must-have accessory for cell phones, especially when you use them all the time or as this article mentions, when it’s your landline too. Do I want to pay extra for a cell phone booster? I don’t, but until the cellular carriers get their act together, I’ll be getting one.

    Devlin O'Reilly on
  • I’m not a tech guru, but I’m no caveman either. When it comes to certain things such as cell phones, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable. That’s why it pains me when people ignore getting a cell phone booster for home when they complain about cell problems like dropped calls or poor voice reception. I’ve tried explaining that cell phone boosters are an excellent and long-term solution for people who have problems getting a strong signal at home (or in the car). This article explains the particulars (such as building materials blocking signals) and I recommend it to anyone who’s having a problem with their phone. An interior cell phone signal booster should be considered before upgrading your phones. The booster is likely to last you longer than one or more upgrades and it is cost-effective too. It’s not a question of the best Verizon signal booster or whether to get a WeBoost cell signal booster, it’s a question of finding the long-term solution to your cell phone problems and that’s a booster in my opinion.

    Ash Jackson on
  • The fourth utility? That’s a good term and it’s true when you think about it. I know more people who have ditched their landlines for cell phones while others seem to want to, but they’re hesitant due to the specter of dropped calls. That’s why cell phone signal boosters make all the difference in the world. They increase your cell phone’s signal so you get consistently good calls and the data speed you’re supposed to have in the first place. People used to look for the best cell phone boosters for rural areas, but they’re good to have wherever you live, especially when you have multiple cell phone users. The more people you have using cell phones in your home, the more it can weaken the signal.

    Hugh McMillian on

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