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Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Your Cell Phone Booster System

Apr 04, 2019

Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Your Cell Phone Booster System

The Process of Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Your Cell Signal Booster System.

Today, more than ever, we are relying on smartphones as our preferred computing solution. However, this technology would be meaningless if we were unable to get connected, or the mobile signal was weak. Fortunately, cell phone signal boosters can access an outside signal, amplify that signal, and broadcast it in an area of very weak or no signal.

Experts at can help you select the right signal booster for your situation. We provide the strongest cell phone signal boosters in America and Canada and have decades of experience in helping our customers choose the right signal booster for their specific situation. The following is our process of determining, installing, and maintaining the right signal booster to cover the needs of your office or home space requiring signal boosting.

Customer Survey and Site Survey.

To lay the right foundation for the design of your signal boosting solution, our experienced staff at will conduct a customer survey to understand your current environment, your expectations, and to ascertain your current and future connectivity needs. A site survey will also be completed to check the environment the signal boosting solution will be operating in.

Designing Your Signal Boosting System.

The highly qualified design engineers at will prepare your solution-driven design based on the environment and your signal boosting requirements after choosing the right phone booster system. There're several variables that determine which signal booster would best suit your needs, including the distance from cell towers, the materials used in the construction of the building, the size of the building, and the quality and strength of the current external carrier signal. Your expectations and the variables of your building all help our design engineers deliver the right signal boosting solution for you.

Installation by Professionals.

Our highly-qualified, professional installers come from a variety of different backgrounds including enterprise telecommunications and luxury home building and construction. We expect all our integration teams to deliver a premium installation to the highest standards, from the wiring right through to the trim-out. The work site will be left immaculately clean, and the only trace of our presence will be a reliable, high-quality signal.

Product Support and Quality Insurance. has a rigorous testing process whereby all our cell phone signal boosters are tuned and tested to ensure users achieve maximum signal quality and strength, and top-quality system operation and longevity.

All products come with a no-risk 60-day money-back guarantee, while certain SureCall qualifying products come with an unmatched 5-years warranty coverage. Our WilsonPro, SureCall, and HiBoost products come with a 3-year warranty; We-Boost products have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, while zBoost products have a 1-year warranty.

Services We Offer.

At, we tackle all signal problems in commercial, residential, and government buildings. Talk to us and explain the issues you're experiencing in your building. We will probably have the perfect solution to your problem! If you're experiencing issues with poor quality indoor wireless coverage, we can help! Whether your required coverage area is small, medium, large, or enormous, we know has the right budget-friendly solution to resolve your signal issues.

Analyze, Repair, or Upgrade Your Signal Boosting System.

At, we have professional Design Engineers and highly-trained Certified Integrators to analyze, carry out any required repairs, or to upgrade your existing booster system if required. All our experienced staff can provide technical support for any signal boosting product to ensure you achieve improved cell reception both indoors and in vehicles. Whether you require system design, pre-sale or post sale technical support, or professional installation, we can guide you to the right signal boosting solution for you, at a budget-friendly price.

We Only Employ Qualified, Professional Installers.

Our professional installers follow the motto "Leave no Trace". We always endeavor to work around your operations and your schedule to allow for continuity of business and to minimize disruption.

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

By law, emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) signals must be maintained at a minimum of -95 dB within buildings. Typical problem areas include staircases and elevator shafts. is your "go-to" equipment distributor and installer for comprehensive compliance solutions. This unique combination saves you money on equipment and cost of labor if yours is a large scale installation project.

Innovative Technology.

Our extensive experience in area of wireless connectivity means that we take the guesswork out of how to resolve issues caused by unreliable or weak cell signal. We know which boosting technology will best suit your needs. All signal boosting systems handled by have been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our qualified engineers. Is an Innovator of Signal Boosting Systems.

At we are always at the forefront of introducing innovative wireless communication products, because our aim is to ensure that all mobile phone users, wherever they may be located, have access to a strong and reliable signal. There's always something new in wireless communications technology, and when new technology becomes available, will be right there to help you take full advantage of it.

Different Signal Boosters for Different Circumstances.

You can rest assured that all available communications technology available on the market has been thoroughly tested at Each and every building with signal problems will have its own unique variables, so we test all solutions to enable us to provide the right advice on the best solution for your unique situation.

Due to our Extensive Experience, Knows What Works.

Sometimes, you can't purchase a product simply because of the writing on the box. This certainly applies when you're looking to resolve an issue with cell-phone signal. There are so many options available on the market today that you really do need professional advice, and that is what we're here to do at Let us discuss the issues you're having, and we will be able to guide you to the right signal boosting system.

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  • Do cell phone booster systems work? I hate to say it’s an established fact, but they’ve been around so long and I know people (and offices) with them so I think they do. However, you can’t just buy anything and think it’s a universal fit, especially when you have an unusual location (such as a remote area) or a building with lots of materials that block the signals. I’m glad signalbooster’s articles stress that you should look into what’s the right booster for your situation and that there is help available.

    Rodney Mistretta on
  • It caught my attention to see “Leave no trace.” It irks me when someone hires a professional contractor, installer, etc. and they leave the scene looking like a disaster area. When I’m looking how to choose the right phone booster, I also expect a professional installer. I want a professional job from start to finish whether it’s planning, installing, or cleaning up.

    Owen Berry on
  • If you use cell phones in your office, you can’t afford not to have less than optimum service. While some offices still focus on land lines, businesses are changing as phones do more than just make calls. Just like traditional businesses needed effective phone systems, businesses using cell phones need whatever technology will keep the phones from dropping calls or having slow data speeds. I’m skeptical of switching to a cell phone only strategy but if I did, I’d want a cell phone signal booster and I’d want to know how to choose the right one. I’m not ready to make the switch, but I have a feeling it’s soon going to be a situation where I have to do so.

    George MacMillan on

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