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Off Duty Security Service Company Cell Phone Signal Booster Case Study

Mar 30, 2019

Project: Problem - Service company was in L-shaped building with poor cell service due to metal roof and brick construction. Solution - Installed two cellular signal amplifier systems with eight indoor antennae scattered around to provide necessary coverage.

Location Details.

Off Duty Services provide armed security through active duty law enforcement personnel. They work with off-duty police to schedule them for extra jobs. Their services include managing personnel, rapid deployments on sites, one contact point available 24 hours every day, among others. All these require a working cellular coverage inside their offices. However, due to brick construction with a metal roof, the service company's L-shaped building had a poor and unreliable cell phone signal putting their services at risk. A proper cell phone signal booster solution was found and implemented, improving cellular coverage and guaranteeing service delivery and personnel management at all times.

Major Concern.

Due to the service company's metal and brick building. the cell phone signal inside was very poor affecting cellular services. Dropped calls, problematic texting and low internet speeds meant that the service company was in trouble delivering services and keeping in touch with clients and off duty police personnel. A successful solution was needed fast to boost the cellular signal booster in the building, improve voice and data networks and allow the company to efficiently meet the demands of its customers and manage its burgeoning workforce always on the ground, at times in risky surroundings and situations.


Cell phone dead zone solution

After a careful and comprehensive site survey,'s technicians were able to identify the problem and suggest the best solution possible. A pro grade signal meter was used to measure the cellular coverage for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular frequencies. It significantly helped the installers design the system, determine the best type of booster needed and even find the most ideal position for interior and exterior antennas. After an extensive site survey was completed, two SureCall Fusion 5X 2.0 systems with eight indoor antennae were identified as the most ideal solution to the problem.

Exterior antenna - An important part of a cell phone signal booster

Installation.'s certified expert installers ensured that the team lead recommended two SureCall Fusion 5X 2.0 systems with eight indoor antennae were superbly installed and spread out to scatter signals evenly indoors to provide necessary coverage.

Building Omni Antenna Installed Professionally


After installation, the signal strength was tested and found to have improved offering full bars. A reliable and working cellular reception is now accessible across the building allowing the company to keep offering their top quality security services, reach current and potential customers and manage their human resource that heavily rely on cellular reception and wireless cellular devices.

Successful Installation of Cellular Signal BDA

The Company.

Off Duty Services located in Katy, Texas hires active but off duty policemen and women to offer multifaceted armed services. Managing their services is complex and diverse and require effective communication throughout. They also operate the OfficeTRAK app used to send information to specific officers working for the company and tracking them throughout.


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  • I’m sure these off-duty officers like the extra money they can pick up with working for a security company, but it must have been aggravating with dropped calls, poor audio quality, and slow download speeds due to this building’s make-up. Good overview of how this cell phone booster changed things dramatically.

    Anthony Dillon on
  • Full bars is what you want, especially when you’re doing serious work like providing security services. Cell phones are just another form of radio wave-based communication technology so it’s only logical that materials that restrict or block radio waves would make things difficult for cell phones. Good thing these boosters exist. I don’t know if traditional radios (like walkie talkies) would work here either so good call to get a booster.

    Lucia N. on
  • I’ve read about cell phone boosters but I’ve always wondered whether they work or not. If this study is accurate, they sound like they can be a good idea for certain situations where you can’t get a strong signal. Could anyone direct me to information on getting a cell phone booster outside the United States? I’d like to know if you need special equipment or if they are universal.

    Erik Adler on

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