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Looking for Consistent Cellular Connectivity with your Vehicle Fleet?

May 20, 2020

Looking for Consistent Cellular Connectivity with your Vehicle Fleet?

WilsonPro’s weBoost line of cellular signal boosters has now incorporated two new and innovative cell phone signal boosting kits for fleet vehicles. weBoost Drive X OTR Fleet and weBoost Drive Reach OTR Fleet have been designed specifically to tackle the issues around cellular dead zones causing dropped calls and data redials in vehicle fleet.

All new 5G-ready signal boosting systems for vehicle Fleets are:

  • Drive X Fleet with fixed NMO antenna.
  • Drive X OTR Fleet with adjustable trucker antenna.
  • Drive Reach Fleet with fixed NMO antenna.
  • Drive Reach OTR Fleet with adjustable trucker antenna.

Even though we are now living in a world that is more connected than ever before, there're still physical barriers to cellular signal. Whether they be geographical dead zones, forests, skyscrapers, severe weather, or hills and mountains, there are many physical barriers that can prevent critical communications between fleet drivers, their bases, and their customers.

Fleet trucks and vans depend entirely on strong, reliable information and communication technologies to stay connected to their support teams and their families. Without reliable cellular signal, not only are these drivers and vehicles placed in unnecessary danger, their work schedules may not be completed in a timely manner. With its weBoost line of signal boosters and the release of their two new, innovative cellular signal phone boosting antennae, the Drive X OTR Fleet and the Drive Reach OTR Fleet, WilsonPro ensures these issues are a thing of the past.

Drive Reach OTR Fleet.

This is WilsonPro's most powerful booster, covering all cellular devices and all major carriers in United States. Innovative fin-like design of amplifier creates a larger surface area which delivers device users more than twice the signal strength and enables them to travel twice as far from cell towers. The result is that fleet drivers can now reach cell towers that are 74% further away from their vehicle. The five frequency bands range between 700 MHz and 2700 MHz.

Drive X OTR Fleet.

This signal booster by WilsonPro with 50 dB signal gain enhances available cellular signals by 32 times. It boasts a maximum connection range 60% more than competitors' signal boosters for vehicles. The Drive X OTR Fleet signal boosting system with its rugged, all-weather omni-directional antenna, rides on five bands ranging from 700 MHz through to 2700 MHz.


Installation is extremely easy. All that is required is for the mount and bracket to be attached, either in the trunk of the vehicle or under the seat; for the device to be hardwired to the vehicle's power supply, and for the external OTR antenna to be mounted. OTR antenna is adjustable in height from 17 inches right up to 45 inches. An SMB connector is used.

Happy Reviewer.

One reviewer was happy to explain that when travelling in Idaho, his vehicle got stuck in the mud. The tow truck driver was struggling to achieve a cell signal, until such time as he moved closer to the signal booster when he was able to achieve an almost perfect cell signal. Both the tow truck driver and the reviewer were using Verizon Wireless.

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  • What surprised me was how easy installation looks for vehicle cell boosters. Basically, you put in an antenna, the booster, and some minor components and your booster is ready to work. I can’t wait to get one for my car (no fleet of cars for me unless you count the family)

    Mickey K. on
  • You and your business will have a serious problem if you can’t keep in contact with your fleet. Why would you use cell phones to communicate if you didn’t have a booster set up for your vehicles for when you go through poor coverage areas or run into bad weather that screws up your signal?

    Karen Hiller on
  • Amy. You ask “Are these compatible across all 50 states?” Thankfully the answer is yes.
    They work with all carriers all across 50 states as well as all provinces in Canada!

    Ridge Clark on

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