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Vehicle Fleet Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal booster kits for vehicle fleets help company transportation drivers stay connected consistently via mobile networks across USA & Canada. This helps provide clear phone calls and fast data for Internet access to connect to logistics and other business software for regular logins, updates, and other business processes. All fleet kits have hardwire power supply. This keeps them powered on automatically when vehicle ignition switch is turned on. Designed specifically for commercial cars, trucks, vans, buses, etc. these rugged kits sometimes feature permanently mounted fixed antenna for the roof with no loose wire / cable to prevent loss due to theft and extreme weather. Some vehicle fleet cellular amplifiers feature mirror mount tall trucker antenna for 360 degrees clearance to catch maximum signals of all Carrier networks in remote, rural, mountainous areas that lie on fringe of cellular network coverage. All these kits help commercial fleets stay connected in the best manner possible to prevent phone call disconnects and slow wireless data transfers.

If you need professional installation service, submit request for signal booster installation on your entire vehicle fleet.