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Crane Company Phone Booster Case Study in Highlands, Texas.

May 09, 2019

Location Details.

Despite being very close to a cellular tower, a Crane Company in Highlands Texas had very little, ineffective to almost no cell service in their metallic building. An effective cell phone booster system installation rectified the problem.

Major Concern.

Crane Company is very close to a cellular tower but the company's interior office space and shop area had zero to very little cell service affecting communication and business transactions.


The main problem was identified as the integrity of the metal building that kept cell signal out and very little in. A detailed survey identified the problem and subsequent tests were also carried out taking into account the metal building, signal strength in and outside the premises, and size of the building. In conjunction with company management and to stay within budget, technicians recommended HiBoost efficient cellular amplifier kit with 2 dome antenna and 2 panel antenna. This was deemed to be the most cost effective yet definite resolution to the weak reception problem.

HiBoost Signal Booster Installed

Installed HiBoost cell phone signal booster.


Panel Antenna Boosting Coverage Where Needed

Interior space installation. Panel Antenna Boosting Coverage Where Needed.

Once proper cable routes were identified, the HiBoost cellular booster system installation started. The HiBoost system included 2 dome antennas that were installed to cover the interior office space while the cover shop area was covered by the 2 panel antennas. An Omni outdoor antenna was also used to cater for the high signal levels from the cell tower and the overdriven amplifier. The technicians also added a 75 feet jumper installed between the amplifier and donor antenna to create attenuation.

Omni Outdoor Antenna Installed Along Exterior Wall

Omni Outdoor Antenna Installed Along Exterior Wall.


Once the HiBoost system installation was complete, there was remarkable improvement and immediate effect. Employees could now enjoy full bars on their mobile devices, fast downloads, and top internet speeds with zero dropped calls plus fast text services inside the metal building. It was as if the problem had never been there in the first place.


Facing similar challenges in your workplace, home, business premises, office or even isolated building somewhere within the United States or Canada? can help solve any issue with cell coverage in buildings anywhere in North America. Simply let us know where you're located, the main problems and concerns. After detailed on-site tests and widespread site surveys, the most ideal cellular signal booster system will be recommended. The proposal will also include the installation and most ideal equipment required within budget to resolve the coverage issues immediately to get wireless connectivity and superb cellular service into your building right away.

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  • Do you have any case studies where a client went with a cell phone booster and things didn’t work out initially? I’m not saying put in a bad system but maybe a client had someone else did it, resulting in no noticeable improvement until one was put in that was designed right for the building/

    Charles H. on
  • This Wilson electronics cell booster seems like an answer to prayer. No business can operate without reliable cellular service as employees and customers both desire and often need to make calls and/or access the Internet. I’ve heard that certain materials can interfere with cellular signals but I didn’t know it could get so bad. That material must have been pretty dense if it stopped a signal with a cellular tower nearby.

    Dave Cason on

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