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Wilson Electronics Intros WilsonPro 1100 Building Cell Amplifier

May 12, 2019

Pro 1100 in-building cellular signal amplifier from Wilson Pro.

Wilson Pro 1100 booster is the best in category in-building cell signal amplifier from Wilson Electronics.

Complete Suite with Two Models - 50 & 75 Ohms.

Phone booster Pro 1100 model # Wilson 460147 is 50 Ohm kit. Wilson 1100 phone booster model # Wilson 461147 is a 75 Ohm kit. Both commercial repeaters are available as complete kits. Each include respectively compatible antennas and cables for full installation. Both improve reception in any mid-sized building up to 35,000 square feet.

What does it come with?

The WilsonPro 1100 repeater system includes the Pro1100 amplifier, a Wilson wideband directional antenna, a Wilson wideband dome antenna, lightning surge protector, sections of Wilson 400 or RG 11 coax cable depending on model chosen, external power supply along with either 50 ohm N and 75 ohm F connectors, depending on the booster model and cable preference.

What does it do?

WilsonPro 1100 is part of the next generation professional-grade mobile signal amplification technology. It is a surprisingly powerful wireless phone signal repeater, delivering the highest uplink and downlink power at its price point. Designed to reach faraway mobile towers, it features a remarkable uplink power of up to 25 dBm to provide superior cell signal quality. That is twice the power of the competition in same category. Also impressive is its enhanced downlink power of 15 dBm, enabling it to cover mid-sized commercial spaces of up to 35,000 square feet in total coverage area.

A good solution.

This added capacity makes the Pro-1100 the perfect solution for restaurants, medical offices, office buildings and retail stores. It is essentially for any business seeking to overcome the challenges of weak cellphone coverage to bring a more robust online experience into its brick-and-mortar location. By increasing cellular connectivity, it can effectively reduce Wi-Fi network traffic, improve employee productivity and greatly enhance the overall customer experience. For example, the Pro 1100 enables restaurants to more effectively deploy SMS notifications for waiting guests while providing strong wireless service to keep patrons connected as they dine.


With Wilson Pro's innovative extended dynamic range technology built-in, you get the peace of mind knowing this Wilson amplifier offers this continuous connectivity without overloading or ever shutting down due to a strong incoming signal from the tower. It also features onboard software to automatically adjust its gain level up and down as needed adapting to the current conditions of the existing signal environment in large spaces and multi-story buildings. For greater control and usability, it utilizes a color LCD touchscreen, allowing users to troubleshoot, assess performance, adjust the outside antenna and turn bands on and off.

Wilson 1100 Featured Highlights:

Wilson 1100 Signal Booster Featured Highlights


Its modern intuitive design makes antenna connection easier, placing both the indoor and outdoor antenna ports on top of the repeater itself. Its exposed mounting flange found at each corner of unit makes for simple and clean wall mount installation out of the box.

We offer Wilson Pro1100 installation service by certified installers to help install this kit professionally in your home or workplace. Call 1-855-846-2654 for Wilson Pro 1100 cost price, and free consultation. Or submit commercial installation questionnaire for quote to have it installed by qualified and experienced Wilson Pro 1100 installers.

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  • I consider Wilson Electronics to be the Cadillac of cell phone boosters. The company has been around forever and they seem to keep up with all the latest trends in technology, which means their equipment is going to stay up-to-date. This building cell amplifier only furthers my belief that Wilson is a brand to consider when you’re looking for a signal booster.

    Leonard Volpe on
  • This would be great for a human service agency I used to work for. They kept expanding so their floor plan was a bit off kilter (similar to some of my co-workers). Then they built an addition with two floors (with offices in the basement). Needless to say, cell service could be non-existent depending on where you were. An in building cellular repeater would have done the trick if they’re as good as this blog states.

    Al Harmon on

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