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Cutting Edge In-Building Wireless DAS Solution Designer & Installer

Feb 19, 2019

Cutting Edge In-Building Wireless DAS Solution Designer & Installer can provide public safety and in-building cellular connectivity on a single hardware layer. Its installation and design is easy and flexible. It resembles WiFi installations. One of our solution consists of 5 advanced DAS components. Our solution is fiber-based, full-spectrum, and future-ready. This makes us different than our competitors offering Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Our cutting-edge DAS technology enables us to deliver exceptionally precise public safety radio, and commercial cellular connectivity required.

Fiber Based.

In-building wireless solution provided by utilizes fiber cabling throughout, and may often use of existing cabling infrastructure. The fiber cabling functions as the system's backbone, and runs out from the hub to the remote units. Our system is easier to install and therefore more affordable due to the use of fiber cabling. In addition, fast installations translate to decreased disruption to normal business operations.

Full Spectrum.

The solution provided by supports one, some, or all public safety and cellular frequencies used today right from the word go. Frequencies between 150 MHz and 2700 MHz are supported. If your initial installation only supports one wireless carrier, no additional hardware will be required to add frequencies at a later stage.

Future Ready.

As's DAS supports all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz on a single hardware layer, this design is ready for the future. If extra public safety frequencies, carriers or new technologies are needed after the original installation, the system is able to support these frequencies once they are needed, while hardware does not need to be adjusted.

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