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Differences between Consumer and Commercial Signal Boosters

Oct 02, 2016

What is the difference between consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters? Which one should you choose? Let us find out...

Imagine for a moment that your teen calls you panic-stricken, because another car just rear ended her and she does not know what to do. You’re in the middle of calming her down and explaining what needs to be done, but before she can tell you the location of the accident, the call drops and you cannot reconnect it. This is a consumer-level scenario portraying the terrible consequences of weak cell reception inside a home. 

Imagine for a moment that you’re running late for a meeting with an extremely important client and no matter how many times you try to reach your assistant at your place of business to let him know, you cannot reach him because the business lines play after-hours recording whereas his cell phone has no bars in your 100,000 sq. ft. office building. Therefore, your calls are routed directly to his voicemail. He has no clue you’re leaving voice messages as he will not get voicemail alerts either, because he has no cell phone reception in the conference room where he is waiting for you. This could possibly result in a very embarassing situation or even a loss of a large order that can cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an example of a commercial-level scenario portraying the terrible consequences of poor cell phone reception inside a business property. 

Above scenarios are just two of the daily occurrences that people deal with. There’re two ways to solve these and a host of other issues, with consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters, respectively. Cell phones now play an ever growing important role in our daily personal and work or business life. It is a lifesaver during personal emergencies and a business saver during business emergencies. However, to ensure cell phones work like they are supposed to, the coverage has to be consistently good indoors as well as in vehicles. Unfortunately, this is not the case due to reasons beyond control of the carriers and their current wireless technology. 

This is where cell phone signal boosters play an important role to bridge the gap and provide better cellular reception indoors and in vehicles. However, as the title indicates, there’re two main types of signal boosters categorized by their characteristics. What is the difference between consumer and commercial signal boosters? Let us find out...

There’re important differences between the two: 

  • Consumer signal boosters are made for average consumers that don't need to be tech savvy to purchase and install on their own because they are made for smaller areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. and therefore not as complicated to install and use. However, commercial signal boosters are extremely powerful to cover very large areas of 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of square feet. Therefore, per FCC regulations, they require installation by a certified cell phone signal booster installer. If you need a commercial signal booster installation, please submit request for site survey and installation quote.
  • Consumer cell phone booster category includes vehicle signal boosters because those are fairly easy to install by average consumers. There’re no commercial grade vehicle signal boosters because consumer versions are sufficient to boost cell signals in all types of vehicles. Just like consumer home/office signal boosters for up to 10,000 sq. ft., easy-to-follow installation instructions are included for car or truck cell signal boosters so there's no professional installation requirement for these types of boosters.

Both consumer and commercial grade signal boosters boost cellular reception to ensure your cell device such as a smart phone or a tablet has a strong connection to the nearest relevant cell tower. Consequently, it would show more signal bars consistently and therefore work effectively in meeting your wireless voice and wireless data transfer needs whether you're in your car anywhere in USA and Canada, or anywhere in your mega business office building. Enjoy clear cellular voice conversations without dropped calls and enjoy fastest 3G and 4G LTE mobile Internet that your cell phone and service provider is capable of providing.

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  • Another cell phone mystery unraveled. I’ve asked myself why my phone is on and people call me yet things go to voice mail. I’ll check my phone hours later and a voice mail pops up from hours before. Now I know why weak cell signals and dead zones are so troublesome. Your hypothetical scenario explains the need for cell phone boosters perfectly.

    Cordelia Cisneros on
  • This is a brief, but helpful explanation of the differences between a signal booster for home and a cell phone signal booster for a commercial property such as a building or factory. As the blog mentions, you need a certified technician to install a commercial cell phone booster. For example, if you get a Wilson commercial cell booster, you’ll want to have a Wilson cell phone booster certified installer put it in. These things are powerful which is why the FCC mandates you have a pro install them. I’d love to be in a situation where I need a 100,000 square foot booster for my home, but I’m not there yet. LOL.

    Ryan Dunlop on
  • The difference seems simple, but I like how the blog specifies the differences between consumer and commercial cell phone boosters. I’d hate to see a person looking to power up their cell phone mistakenly buy a commercial cell phone booster and pay for something they don’t need. Although their neighbors might benefit depending on the range, correct?

    Tristan Connors on
  • Nice explanation of the difference between consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters. In my case, I need a way how to strengthen my cell phone signal strength at home. To be blunt, it really stinks. I might as well walk outside every time I want a guarantee of a good call unless my phone is at 100% power and the cell phone demigods are smiling down upon me. It might be too late to ask for one for Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll have some spending money after the holidays to pick one up.

    Daniel Fuller on

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