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Rack Mount Cell Phone Booster will make your IT Tech Smile

Oct 04, 2016

Rack Mount Cell Phone Booster will make your IT Tech Smile

When it comes to computers, smart phones, Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and a company staying on top of these operations, their IT department is usually the sector of the business which handles such matters. As such, the technicians generally want to have all of the equipment in one easy-to-access location. While computers and WiFi have, for the most part, been optimized to be contained within a single room (though the server size and the room sizes vary quite extensively based upon the services and data which need to be stored within the computer servers), the cellular signal boosters have remained a separate feature - until now. With the WilsonPro 4000R, not only is the cell phone signal booster within the same proximity of other IT devices, but the unique rack mount design and other cutting-edge features make it idealistic for commercial properties. Furthermore, it certainly less chances of failure and troubleshooting issues contained in competitive models, which is all sure to make your IT tech. smile:)

Why should your business have a booster in the first place?

A cell phone signal booster for a business is a responsible way in which a company can ensure the productivity of their services as well as extend consistent wireless service to their patrons. As many businesses now include ability to connect to WiFi as well as provide a means of connecting their cellphones to a 3G or 4G LTE network, being able to keep the signals on such devices strong, is a must. Wilson Pro 4000R commercial booster allows for the signal to be strengthened because it searches indoor areas for weaker signals which are typically not recognized by an average cell phone, and then boosts those signals using extracted signals from outside the building to form stronger wireless connections. Of course, the stronger the existing signal outside, the stronger the signal will be within the building as the booster reconditions exterior signal and transmits it indoors to the cellphone, mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

The result is a signal which improves the streaming capabilities of cellular video, reduces dropped calls (a critical point for businesses that conduct telecommunication meetings), optimizes battery life, and decreases upload and download times. Since the booster works by increasing the decibels in a phone’s reception, purchasers will be pleased to note that the commercial grade product has the capabilities to increase the decibels to up to 50 db. This means that even in an indoor practically dead zone (for example, -110 dB), there is the potential for the booster to increase the signal strength to -60 dbs (which is idealistic at 4-5 bars for cell phone signal strength). 

What and why a Wilson Pro 4000R commercial signal booster?

The Wilson Pro 4000R is a booster for cell phones signals within a commercial area. Specifically, the device has four independent commercial signal boosters built into the sleek rack mount unit. As a result, the space where the signals are boosted indoors is increased dramatically - to a four fold increase than other typical commercial boosters. Typically, the commercial grade booster allows for approx. 25,000 square feet of coverage space. However, with the rack mount booster, the area is increased to approx. 100,000 square feet. Additionally, spaces which are over the 140k square foot coverage area such as multiple story mega buildings can use the WilsonPro 4000R with another 4000R (multiple rack mount amplifiers). 

How is the rack mount different from other commercial products?

Unlike some of the other commercial grade boosters on the market, the rack mount booster allows for quicker access for your company’s IT technician. By having the mount within the same proximity of other devices, specifically in terms of internet and wi-fi within a building, the IT tech reduces the need to go from the location of the cell phone signal booster for the commercial property to the wi-fi booster for the commercial property. By being able to focus his or her attention in a centralized spot, there is far less risk of error from going back and forth between devices. Additionally, an IT technician can check the reading from the front LED display of the rack mount and compare the data to that of other equipment which is housed upon that same rack. Should there be discrepancies between what is being stated on the LED display and what is being relayed by the physical equipment, the technician can quickly adjust the components as needed and get real time results.

Rack mounts minimize risk.

If you look at the commercial boosters of prior years, you will find that there’s a necessity to mount the units on the ceiling, in dedicated closets, on walls, etc. The placement of the boosters is greatly diverse and can quickly become cumbersome for the commercial property. Additionally, because of the needs of competitive products and former products to be housed in such a manner, there is a higher risk of damage to the product and to the boosters. To explain further, boosters which are mounted with the wrong screws and the wrong housing supports are apt to fall, puncture the box, have inconsistent frequencies and electrical issues, etc. However, with a rack mount unit, the device installation is pretty much limited to placing the device onto the rack and connecting the proper wires. True, its antennas and cables will still need to be placed properly initially, but comparatively the installation is far more intuitive for long term use, as well as optimized in the rack mount installation.

More antennas.

Generally, in a commercial grade signal booster you may have capability to connect 4 to 5 antennas to a device depending upon the brand. With the rack mounted booster from Wilson Electronics, there’re four built-in amplifiers within one rack mount unit which allow for up to 18 internal antennas to be fed. This is by far a great deal more than the standardized booster. Even with an ability to connect to a large number of antennas, the device still works continuously. This is a result of Extra Dynamic Range technology unique to this booster. The Extra Dynamic Range works on a continuous connection within its 50 Ohms impedance system and allows for both automatic as well as manual gain controls for adjustments as needed.

How compatible is the WilsonPro 4000R with actual cell phones?

It is one thing to offer a booster of a commercial grade to the market and quite another to have a product which actually caters to the needs of the cellular community. Boosters which are brand specific, meaning that they are provided by the individualized cellphone service provider or one of the affiliates of the company, have a tendency to ostracize other cellphones from use (meaning that A is only compatible with A and not B). Such types of carrier-provided boosting systems for a business is in all reality ineffective for the commercial property. First, the company minimizes the target user to a specific carrier and thereby minimizes the customer experience. Secondly, if the business wishes to have multiple service providers they must unitize other service provider products simultaneously which increases initial cost as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

As an alternative to buying service provider specific boosters, the Wilson rack mount booster allows for users from all of the major carriers in USA and Canada to utilize the product simultaneously. Such carrier brands include AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, Sprint in USA and Rogers Wireless, Bell, Telus in Canada. Of course, the less devices that an IT has to manage to get the same results, the happier your IT staff will be!

An intuitive device which allows for IT services.

Perhaps one of the key reasons why a WilsonPro 4000R will make your IT smile is the fact that the device is intuitive. While this commercial grade booster requires installation by a certified installer, any IT professional can configure, understand, and maintain the device. For an IT company this is ideal as it allows for the company to have multiple technicians assigned to your company to maintain and regulate performance. For the company that has the rack mount booster, it is also ideal when an IT company is out-of-house. Due to the device’s intuitive nature, specifically related to the LED and in the installation and monitoring, and the fact that any IT from an internet technology services company can do the task, there is less likely to be lags in service due to your individualized IT not being able to schedule you in. If they have people to work, your system can be monitored and maintained.

What is in the kit:

Included in the rack mount booster kit you will find

  • Pro 4000R Rack mount amplifier.
  • Antennas for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Surge protector.
  • Coax  Cable of 2, 75, and 100 feet (Qty. 4).
  • 120v AC power supply.

In addition to the contents of the kit, a free mounting pole and hardware to mount the antenna is included in the package. All kits come with easy to follow instructions making the IT tech’s job far easier. However, if there are any questions about installation, the technician can call the toll free customer service line for answers.

Here's a video that talks about Wilson Pro 4000R signal booster - Its features, how to install it, and how to get the most out of its features:


Do you have questions? Ask

Wilson Electronics guarantees their WilsonPro products for 3 years. To discuss the specifics of any cell phone signal booster, to order additional parts for your cell phone signal booster kit, or to discuss the differences between the products offered by us and other competitive products, please contact us. Please keep in mind that commercial grade boosters must be installed by a licensed technician. 

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  • I never gave this concept of things being easier for the IT tech any thought until I happened to see our office’s equipment room. The room has all the gadgets and wires that keep the Internet, phones, and whatever else running and it’s not much bigger than a utility closet. With space being a premium I can finally appreciate why this rack mount cell phone booster is convenient for them!

    Nicholas J. Clark on
  • When a business is looking for the best cell phone booster, there are considerations besides whether a Wilson cell phone booster or a Verizon cell phone booster is what they want. A business has to take space into consideration because a commercial cell phone booster is different than one for home. An office usually has everyone fighting for space, so pity the poor IT person who has to find room for the cell phone booster AND to find a space where it’s not going to get damaged. That’s what sounds good about the rack mount cell phone booster. It’s office-friendly and the right fit for any office.

    Edward Conklin on
  • These things look about the same size as a blu-ray player. So these are full business-grade cell phone boosters that will make cell phone calls clear and strong in your office? Looks like a good thing to have and a good way to do so without taking up the oh-so-precious space in the office.

    Javier Perez on
  • Looks like a device any office would love to have. Between the universal boosting capability, the multiple antennas, and the easy access, this seems like an asset for any office. It also looks good in it is relatively small so it shouldn’t take up a ton of office space. Amazing how much power can be contained in a small device.

    Henry Brookstone on

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